Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Reportedly Catches Fire

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Reportedly Catches Fire

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The incident brings back memories of the Galaxy Note 7, which might not be good news for Samsung.
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A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 caught fire inside of a woman’s purse in New York, earlier this month. This claim was made in a lawsuit filed by the woman against Samsung. The woman hopes for a restraining order on the sales of the Note 9.

The report was filed by Diane Chung, who claims that she was in an elevator when this incident took place. She noticed that her Galaxy Note 9 had become incredibly hot and therefore stopped using her phone and dropped it into her purse. After a while she heard a ‘whistling and screeching sound’ and saw ‘thick smoke’ appearing from her bag. She then emptied her purse on to the floor of the elevator. However, it wasn’t until a passerby picked up the device with a cloth and dropped it into a bucket of water that the fire stopped.

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Following this, she filed a lawsuit against Samsung which demands that a restraining order be placed on the sales of the Galaxy Note 9 and damages be offered to her.  This could be Samsung’s worst nightmare as its flagship device is now under scrutiny.

Samsung’s Dilemma:

A similar case occurred with the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 around two years back. The device had a battery flaw, which the company later discovered which led to multiple phones exploding or bursting into flames.

To avoid any such problems in the future, Samsung at that time created an eight-point inspection process for the batteries of its devices. This is suppose to be the best and beyond industry standards, according to Samsung. With the launch of the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung claimed that it is the safest device it made. It also added that users don’t have to worry about batteries anymore.

However, we might not be seeing a Note 7 kind of situation here. Samsung has said that no such incidents have been reported by other users. This could also mean that it was just one faulty device. Samsung is investigating the matter.  We will soon know the what really caused this issue and whether it is something users need to worry about.


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