What up at iGyaan in the coming weeks!

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What up at iGyaan in the coming weeks!

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iGyaan has got a chunk load of goodies for you in the coming days, weeks and months.

Apart from the usual mobile devices that we will continue to unbox and review for you guys we also have a bunch of other goodies com in your way.

  1. HP Touchpad Review – Since HP dropped prices on the Touchpad, it becomes one of the most sought after devices. We go full hands on reviewing for you.
  2. Blackberry Bold 9900 – The best Bold ever from Blackberry we give you an In-depth Review
  3. Asus Transformer + Keyboard dock – We Unbox / Review and Compare the Transformer Tablet for your pleasure
  4. The Galaxy Tablets – The latest and greatest Tablets from Samsung this season will be unboxed , shown and compared with the best of the best.
  5. Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro : Mods/ Roms and rooting along with edits and themes ( iGyaan Version of Mod your device)
  6. Canon Mark 1 Mouse + Numpad + calculator – Ever since its launch I wanted this mouse and We Show it Off iGyaan Style.
  7. Blackberry Phones Series : Blackberry Torch 2 /3 and all othe OS 7 phones will be shown off in style
  8. Mobile Cases / Earphones and Accessories – We Bring you the latest add ons for your gadgets.
  9. Nikon S9100 Digicam full Review
So Stay tuned as iGyaan rocks your Gadget dreams and don’t forget we have a bunch of contests coming your way soon. 
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