PrimeOS Equips Any Laptop Or PC With Android

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PrimeOS Equips Any Laptop Or PC With Android

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With the advent of technology, E-sports and digital games are becoming increasingly popular. People from all age groups love playing video games which range across various genres like sports, strategy, action, and adventure. Earlier, games were limited to consoles and computers but now, they are readily available on smartphones. When we talk about a mobile operating system, the clear winners are Android and iOS. Apple’s iOS can only run on Apple mobile devices while Android being an open source software can work on a variety of platforms. One example this is the PrimeOS. It brings the complete Android gaming experience to desktops and laptops.

The point worth mentioning is its compatibility with a variety of x86 based CPU’s. The x86 is a set of architecture instructions which most of the Intel and AMD CPU’s are based on. So, the PrimeOS can be set up on not only new but also on older PC’s that are otherwise discarded due to lack of software support.

PrimeOS: What is it & Who is it for?

PrimeOS is an operating system that gives a complete desktop experience like MacOS or Windows. Additionally, it provides access to millions of Android applications. It has been designed in a manner to combine the best features of both PC & Android. It has multiple features like a notification centre, taskbar, start menu and multi-tasking that eases the use of Android on a desktop environment.

PrimeOS can be used to browse the internet, play games and even run business applications like MS Excel and Word.

Android Gaming Machine!

PrimeOS which is built on top of Android allows users to download and enjoy more than 2 million + apps and games. Most notably, the maximum number of Android games are free to install, unlike their gaming console counterparts.

Top Android games including PUBG, Asphalt, Clash of Clans and many more titles can easily work on PrimeOS.  PrimeOS allows users to re-map touch controls to mouse and keyboard to enjoy a seamless experience.

Limited Only To Gaming?

PrimeOS is not only limited to gaming as it is a fully functional Android-based PC operating system. Hence, top productivity apps can be easily downloaded on PC’s running the OS.

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The PrimeOS website provides a complete step by step guide to download and install it on PC.

Click here to download and install PrimeOS


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