Top Tech Gadgets And Accessories Under Rs 500: November Edition

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Top Tech Gadgets And Accessories Under Rs 500: November Edition

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Every month we scour the internet to find uber cool gadgets and accessories for you. This month we have found a bunch of such gadgets that are gonna make your life easier without burning a hole in your pocket. All the items in the list have a price tag of under 500 Rs.

Travel Clock

This funky looking gadget has more than basic clock capabilities. This portable clock has multiple other features that can definitely come in handy. The clock also has a built-in lanyard and an LED torch for an emergency situation. Other standard clock features include backlit display and alarm with a snooze option. However, the biggest highlight of this clock is its ability to quickly switch between different time zones. With a simple turn to the right or left, it will display time of that location which you choose on the knob.

Multi Pen

Number two on this list is a heavy duty metal pen with several useful features. It has a built-in spirit level for finding the perfect level for objects like tables and wall paintings. You can also use it as a ruler and measurement device due to its flat surface and markings. The back tip of the pen can also be used as a stylus for touchscreen devices that might come handy in situations when you have wet or dirty hands. The rear cap of the pen reveals a reversible screwdriver bit with a flat and Philips’ head when you unscrew it.


This USB Hub is a very good utility accessory for any laptop user. Gone are the good old days when laptop used to have a couple of USB ports. However, to decrease the footprint,  laptop companies now manufacture devices with only one or two USB ports which might not be sufficient for most. This small pocketable accessory is a great tool to combat this issue. This tiny adapter can convert a single USB outlet into three different outlets which will suffice the needs of users.

Wrist Pads For Keyboard & Mouse

For people who work long hours on their computers, these supporting pads are the perfect companions for their setup. These lightweight pads can be used to rest your wrists on when using the mouse or typing on keyboards for long periods of time.


Rubber Laces

These Rubber laces are the perfect accessories to make your life a tad bit easier and convenient. They are made out of rubber compound material that allows you to stretch them when the wearer pulls the tongue of his shoe. Not only do they solve a small but annoying modern-day problem, they look good as well and definitely add a lot of style to your shoes. They come in a pretty cool shoe shaped cardboard packaging. In one pack the user gets a total of sixteen variable sized laces. Which can probably be used in two pairs of shoes including one adult and a kid.

Finger Band For Mobile Phone

This unique looking smartphone accessory offers great functionality. It has a back strap which can be folded into the shape of a ring which perfectly fits in the fingers of the user allowing him to easily use this large-screen smartphone single-handedly. Additionally, it can also be used as a stand for your smartphone so that the user can conveniently place it on a flat surface and enjoy his favourite digital content.

Cleaning Kit

As it said cleanliness is next to godliness. And the saying can definitely help users prolong the life of their beloved gadgets. We often get in touch with microscopic one-celled organisms like bacteria which we pass onto our gadgets. However, these single-celled creatures are quite capable of spreading communicable diseases. Hence, in an effort to keep such diseases at bay, this cleaning kit is the product for all gadget lovers. It comes with a gel-based biocide and a cleaning brush to manually clean out ports and openings on our smart devices.

Pocket Lamp

This pocket lamp is a must have small and lightweight accessory for every backpacker. However, it is not only limited to them it can also be used in homes while reading books at night or in the situation of a power outage. It is made out of thin translucent elastic material which allows it to slide onto on the flashlight of a smartphone. The lamp diffuses the light from the flash of the user’s smartphone.

Vlogging Smartphone Mic

As camera technology on smartphones improves a lot, more amateur filmmakers and vloggers are turning up. To record equally good audio with HD video, everyone needs an external microphone. This small microphone with an easy clip allows such users to record high quality audio to match up the HD or even 4K video quality from their smartphones and cameras.

Rechargeable AAA Batteries

Any electronic device requires a source of power. Like with every shrinking piece of technology, remotes and other electronics have also grown thinner and smaller. The remote controller of most appliance be it a TV or Sound system, requires AAA batteries. And if you are a restless viewer who relentlessly goes through menus on your TV or setup box, batteries on your remotes generally do not last very long. So, in order to overcome this yet, another man-made problem these AAA rechargeable cell are the perfect solution. Not only are they rechargeable which saves frequent trips to the market, they are good for the environment as well. Typically speaking, one battery generally lasts multiple recharge cycles. This reduces the number of batteries a user disposes in the environment.

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