Top Free Android Games For The Month Of December

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Top Free Android Games For The Month Of December

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The Google Play store is packed with an insane amount of mobile games. These games range across a wide variety of genres and categories. Finding the best games out of the bunch is hard but we have scoured the Play Store to give our readers our pick for the top Android games which are free to download and play. Following are the top free Android games for December.

Run Rabbit Run:

The game is about a hungry rabbit who tries to collect the maximum number of carrots possible in a perilous environment. The player needs to control the speed and jumps of the bunny to save it from killer saws and spikes. The game requires a lot of concentration and instant reactions. Run Rabbit Run has onscreen left/right buttons to control the direction of the rabbit and a jump button which is placed on the right. Holding either of the direction control buttons make the rabbit dash which is necessary to take longer jumps.

Tiny Jack:

Tiny Jack is an adventure style game that seems to draw inspiration from the classic Mario game. The game revolves around the escape journey of a young boy named Jack who is kidnapped by a wizard. The wizard takes the boy to his dungeon that is located in the middle of a jungle. One day when the wizard is not around, Jack manages to escape. But he must face all the hardships that come up on his journey back to his home. He must use his skills to kill monsters and avoid obstacles. Finally, he must kill the final boss to safely get out of the jungle.

Crash Of Cars:

If you are a gamer who likes cars, drifting and shooting then this is a game you will definitely enjoy. The game has tiny animated cars which battle with each other for survival. The game has over 70 different cars and 8 different maps which the user can enjoy. It can be played both online and offline. In online mode, users can challenge other combatants and show off their skills. The cars in the game accelerate by themselves and the user needs to control the steering via the onscreen left or right buttons. Players can also pick up mystery boxes which contain different weapons like cannons and flamethrowers. These weapons can be used to kill the enemy cars.

Football Strike:

At number four in the list is the game called Football Strike. The game is a lot of fun, especially if you’re a football fan. The user needs to shoot footballs by dragging their finger across the screen. The speed of the finger drag and curve also affect the speed and swing of the ball. It has multiple modes which include Shooting Race, Free Kicks, and Career mode. As the name suggests, in Shooting Race mode the user needs to score maximum number of goals in a limited time period. In the Free Kicks mode, the user needs to defend against other players who are shooting towards your net. And in Career Mode, the user advances through various levels of difficulties as he progresses through the gameplay.

The Catapult:

The main character of this game is a stickman that guards a castle against enemies. The stickman operates a catapult that he uses to destroy the catapult of the enemy. During the initial stages the castle is easy to defend but as the game advances, it gets very difficult. Multiple enemies start firing from all directions and castle gets hard to defend. Upon killing enemies the user earns reward points which they can redeem to upgrade their catapult or purchase different helmets. Most notably, if you have played angry birds then your understanding of physics will come in handy.


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