Horizontal Scrolling Update Of Instagram Receives Global Backlash

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Horizontal Scrolling Update Of Instagram Receives Global Backlash

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Instagram is one of the largest photo and video sharing platform. The application was first launched in 2010 and due to its simplicity, it soon became a sensational hit. Back in 2014, Facebook took over Instagram and a lot of changes have been made to the application since then. Instagram now even allows users to share videos. One key feature that contributed to the success of Instagram is its dedicated feed tab. It allows users to scroll through photos and videos vertically which is very handy. Before the end of the year, the company rolled out an update of the application which received a global backlash.

Changes Made With The Update

The Instagram feed is a collection of picture and video content that the user can easily swipe through. Originally, the feed scrolled in a vertical direction but the update completely changed this swipe motion. After the update, the user needs to scroll left to right instead of the top to bottom scroll that the users are accustomed to. With the horizontal feed, each photo is given the spotlight at any given time but after the update, this has changed. The user can now view a single post, and the comments are much more prominent now. This update received a backlash from users around the globe.

Instagram’s Fix

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Instagram soon realised their mistake and have halted the rollout for both Android and iOS devices. Additionally, the Instagram head commented on twitter that it was merely a small test to check the feasibility of the feature which did not work out as intended. Most notably, a few minutes after the horizontal feed went live, the vertical feed seems to have reappeared for most of the users.

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