Vivo Showcases A 5G Smartphone Without Buttons Or Ports

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Vivo Showcases A 5G Smartphone Without Buttons Or Ports

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Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Vivo has showcased a remarkable smartphone without any buttons or ports called the Vivo Apex. The smartphone not only looks fantastic but it also packs specifications that are worthy of a 2019 flagship. It is the second smartphone to be launched without buttons or ports after the Meizu Zero

Vivo Apex Design and Specifications

The Vivo Apex has a unibody design with front glass and rear ceramic construction. On the front of the device sits a 6.39-inch AMOLED display that has a resolution of 2340 x 1080 px. Notably, the smartphone packs 12 GB of RAM and also supports 5G connectivity. According to the company, it supports the following 5G bands:

  • n41
  • n78
  • n79

The company also revealed that 5G usage significantly bumps up the temperature of a smartphone. Therefore, it has used multi-layer graphite heat sinks and liquid-cooling technology to keep the temperatures on the Vivo Apex under check. Even though the smartphone does not have any physical buttons, it does have pressure sensing buttons that provide haptic feedback when touched.

The rear camera setup of the smartphone consists of dual 12 MP + 13 MP sensor along with an LED Flash. Sadly, the company did not provide any details about the battery capacity, chipset and other relevant specifications of the Vivo Apex. 

Launch and Availability

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Vivo has not revealed any details about the launch or availability of the buttonless and portless Vivo Apex. Last year Vivo showcased the original Apex smartphone which unfortunately never saw the light of day. But features from that device were seen on the Vivo Nex. Perhaps the technology and elements from this year’s Apex will be seen on the next Nex smartphone.


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