Zombies storm Battle-royale as PUBG Mobile beta teams up with Resident Evil 2

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Zombies storm Battle-royale as PUBG Mobile beta teams up with Resident Evil 2

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PUBG Mobile is the Mario of our generation. With a daily active player base of 10 million and updates that are making this game interesting day-by-day, we are seeing crossovers that shouldn’t even be possible. This time PUBG mobile beta is teaming up with Resident Evil 2. This is to bring forth a special update for the game. And yes, you guessed it right. It has Zombies!

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About The Update

The new 0.11.0 beta update adds a new mode to the game. Codenamed ‘Sunset’, the new mode brings together some of the best zombies and bosses. And that too from Capcom’s highly anticipated ‘Resident Evil 2’ which launched on 25th January itself. As you can imagine, a combination of human opponents and AI zombies is going to be absolutely chaotic and equally fun to play. Not only that, killing zombies helps you gain more loot. You can use that extra firepower to take your human enemies down! A substantial rise in the number of active players can be expected after an update like this in PUBG Mobile.

Developer Support In PUBGM

With more than a 100 million downloads on this game so far, the developers seem to be doing an amazing job in maintaining player interest in PUBG Mobile at such a level. They are introducing themed music and graphics with every update. They keep on adding small tweaks to improve performance. Most of all, they keep their focus on player convenience. All this is proving to be really good for Tencent, as every update sees a drastic boost in the player base.

Additional Patches

In addition to the updates mentioned above, PUBG Mobile also introduced a new moonlight weather theme to their latest snow-clad map, Vikendi. Already a huge hit among PUBG Mobile fans, Vikendi is going to look more beautiful than ever. You can now activate Push-to-talk in matches, which will help reduce background noise by a huge margin. Also, Sanhok, which is the smallest map in the game is now available in Quick match mode. So now, drop in and start shooting without any more delays! These are just some of the major revamps that will be released with the 0.11.0 beta update.

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