Antutu Releases AI (Artificial Intelligence) Benchmarking Tool

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Antutu Releases AI (Artificial Intelligence) Benchmarking Tool

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming popular by each day. More and more companies are trying to offer some or the other AI centric feature in their smartphones. Antutu, the popular benchmarking tool to test the performance of a device, has released a new app called Antutu AI Review, which is meant to differentiate the AI performance of a device by giving it a score.

Antutu, in its blog post mentioned “In order to let everyone have an intuitive judgment on the AI ??performance of their mobile phones, Ann Bunny officially released the Antutu AI Review public beta, providing a quantifiable standard for everyone to judge the difference in AI performance of different platforms.” 

Due to there being a difference in what AI means for different SoC makers, Antutu AI Review has tried to establish a unified standard for testing through cooperation with the above manufacturers. The test is divided into two sub-items, namely image classification and object recognition.Among them, the image classification is based on the Inception v3 neural network, the test data is 200 pictures; and the object recognition is based on the mobilenet ssd neural network, the test data is a 600-frame video. The final score is calculated based off accuracy and speed. The higher the both, the higher is the final score.

There is a catch however, if the speed is high but the accuracy of the image recognition isn’t, the benchmark will give a lower score. This is to prevent cheating as the device won’t be able to ramp up the speed and give wrong answers to get a higher score.

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The AI Benchmarking tool by Antutu seems like a good idea at the right time as the war for AI is heating up and it would be interesting to see which companies are serious about it and what are just providing them as a gimmick. The app is available to beta test as an APK file and will be released for public soon.


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