Twitter May Add The Option To Edit Tweets Soon

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Twitter May Add The Option To Edit Tweets Soon

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Twitter as a medium has been really popular to get updates by the seconds on all whats happening around the world. But the Achilles heel of Twitter has always been not getting an option of editing tweets. There has been a lot of discussion over the topic and Twitter didn’t give a firm reply. Recently, the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey said on the Joe Rogan Podcast that Twitter is considering adding the functionality of editable tweets.

In his discussion, when asked about the functionality, Rogan said “You could build it as such so maybe we introduce a 5-second to 30-second delay in the sending. And within that window, you can edit. The issue with going longer than that is it takes that real-time nature of the conversational flow out of it.”

Editable Tweets- A Boon or Bane?

The quest for editable tweets is nothing new. Since a long time, some famous people have been asking for the feature. Popular Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee has voiced his opinions many times over the past few years.

The idea of Tweets that are editable for a while seems like a good one for now, if people can see the edit history. This would make the platform more transparent, which its already quite is. The time period that Twitter would decide to let edits happen isn’t known yet.

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It seems that the micro-blogging site is headed in the right direction. This change may also lead to more people interested in the platform, something Twitter has wanted do for years.

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