Indian Government Implements cVIGIL App To Prevent Devious Voting

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Indian Government Implements cVIGIL App To Prevent Devious Voting

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For a long time, the Indian government has been stressing on the importance of digital technologies for the betterment of society. It had previously launched several applications that intend to achieve the same. An application called, cVIGIL which was launched last year has now been implemented on pan India level. The cVIGIL app is dedicated to maintaining the Model Code of Conduct of the voting process. In simpler words, it is a digital tool that can be used to desist devious practices which can be used to manipulate voting. The application has begun services before the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 which will be conducted from the 11th of April to 19th of May. 

About and Purpose Of cVIGIL Application

According to the Government of India, the cVIGIL application has been developed to act as a medium that can be used to transmit and track complaints on MCC (Model Code of Conduct) violations. Due to the delay in the reporting of these violations, culprits in the past have escaped detection from the squads of election commission which are entrusted to ensure enforcement of the code of conduct.  Additionally, the lack of evidence in the form of pictures or video has been a major hurdle in investigating a reported complaint.

The purpose of the cVIGIL application is to curb or desist the unfair practices that the affiliates of an organisation use to alter the voting patterns of the voters. Some methods that are used to manipulate the voter behaviours are as follows:

  • Money/Liquor/Drugs Distribution
  • Firearms Display
  • Fake News
  • Communally Hateful Speeches
  • Intimidation
How Does cVIGIL Application Work?

The cVIGIL application has a sophisticated mechanism which with the help of both digital devices and media intends to prevent the aforementioned methods used to influence voting. Users of the application can capture photo or video evidence of an MCC violation. The application uses the inbuilt GPS module of the smartphone to stitch the location of the crime with digital evidence. The location and digital evidence is anonymously sent to the government headquarters from where the officials can take necessary actions. Noteworthy, the application also provides a cVIGIL ID which can be used to track the status of the complaint. All in all, it seems to be a great move by the Indian government which has been pestered by these issues for a long period.  

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The application is currently available only for Android smartphones that run the version Jellybean 4.1 to 4.3 or above. 

Click here to download the cVIGIL Application

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