Best Wireless Earphones In India Under Rs 2,000

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Best Wireless Earphones In India Under Rs 2,000

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As an increasing number of Smartphone OEMs eliminate the 3.5mm headphone jack from their smart devices, the demand for wireless headsets subsequently rises. However, a pair of Bluetooth enabled wireless headset is comparatively expensive than its wired counterpart. If you are on the hunt for affordable wireless earphones, we have made the choice easier for you. Here are the best  Bluetooth earphones under the Rs 2,000 price mark.

Boat Rockers 255

Featuring a metal construction on each earbud and a 10nm audio driver, the Boat Rockers 255 are one of the best wireless earphones for the price. They have adjustable rubber ear hook and removable silicone earbuds for a universal fit. What’s more, the earphones have magnets in each earbud so that they don’t fall off easily. The sound quality is good for the price and the Boat Rockers 255 promise a battery life of 6 hours. They also have an in-line remote with microphone for easy access to calls, music and summoning the smartphone’s digital voice assistant. All of the aforementioned features make the earphones one of the best in its price range.

Leaf Sport Wireless

The most affordable option out of the list, the Leaf Sport Wireless is a viable contender for the best wireless earphones under Rs 2,000. They have an adjustable ear hook in both earbuds and arrive with removable silicone tips inside the box. The sound of the Leaf Sport is good for the price, featuring a heavy bass and medium treble. Battery life as promised by the company stands at 6 hours of usage and there is an in-line remote with microphone for calls and summoning the digital voice assistant. The earphones are one of the best deals in the market for wireless earphones. 

Soundlogic Voice Assistant Wireless Earphones

Featuring a metal construction and a flexible neckband, the Soundlogic wireless earphones are one of the best earphones for the price. The earbuds feature metal construction and are lightweight. The silicone ear tips are removable and can be swapped for a better fit in the ear. While there is no dedicated in-line control remote on the headset, the volume, media and dedicated voice assistant controls along with the microphone are placed on the neckband itself. The earbuds cling together via magnets to easily carry them around. The company promises a battery life of around 8 hours on a single charge.

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Portronics POR-038 Harmonics Play 

Portronics is a well-known name in the affordable smartphone accessories market. The Portronics Harmonics Play are a good option for anyone looking to buy wireless earphones under Rs 2,000. They feature an ear hook on each earbud and replaceable silicone ear tips for the comfortable listening experience. Three buttons and the microphone is present on the earbud which can be used for turning the headset on/off and controlling the music playback. With the Portronics Harmonics Play, the company promises a battery backup of around 10 hours on a single charge. They also have a good sound quality, which is a little bass heavy.

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