5 Best Battle Royale Alternatives To PUBG Mobile

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5 Best Battle Royale Alternatives To PUBG Mobile

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Battle Royale is a video game genre that has taken the world by storm. It’s a genre that every gamer is excited to witness because it is full of excitement and fast-paced action. Battle Royale basically refers to surviving in a battleground by killing other enemies and being the last man standing at the end of the game. Over the previous months, a lot of popular game developers have released Battle Royale-themed games, one of which is the insanely viral PUBG Mobile. With over 100 million downloads on the Android Play Store, PUBG has taken over the world with its simple-to-understand interface and fun-to-play modes.

But some low-end devices may not run PUBG smoothly, which may lead to a poor experience during the game. Some players may even get bored with playing PUBG after a given time, so here are 5 alternatives to the game that promise an equally fun experience and additional features.


Fortnite is the closest contender to PUBG in the Battle Royale arena. One of the most played games on PC, the game has been available on smartphones since 2018. Previously, the game became a cultural phenomenon, thanks to promotion by Drake, Marshmello, and Ninja. Consequently, when the game was released on smartphones, an audience was already waiting. The game is pretty easy to get into, with a colourful interface setting it apart from other battle royale games. Players can purchase costumes and other cosmetic items via microtransactions in the application.

Android users cannot download the game directly from the Play store, instead, players can download the game directly from the Epic Games Website. iOS users can download the game here

Rules Of Survival

At the first look, some players might mistake Rules of Survival for PUBG Mobile. The game has a similar interface and has over 10 million Google Play downloads. With the studio claiming to have over 230 million worldwide players in the game, Rules of Survival allows up to 120 players to battle it out in an 8×8 km map. A huge variety of terrains are available in the game, and an even larger variety of vehicles are available to help you explore those terrains. Players can play solo or in squads. The controls are very easy to apprehend and the players like the game because of a smooth experience. The game has three servers across Asia, America and Europe.

Download links for the game are listed below:

Free Fire – Battlegrounds

What if players had a limited time to survive on the battlefield, a lower number of players to battle against and a simpler interface to try their hands on? Free fire – Battlegrounds brings all these features together and makes a fun-to-play game, even if it follows similar mechanics to other battle royale games. It has a staggering 100 million+ downloads on just the Play Store. The game is offered by Garena Studios. 

The download links for Free Fire are given below:

Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds

Minecraft players may relate to this game because it is what it says it is. Pixelized characters fighting against each other in an epic battle of survival doesn’t sound very convincing, but it actually is. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds may sound something like Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds, but it looks nothing like it. Retro visuals adorn the game, with harmless-looking weapons like the AK-47 and Multiple barrel shotguns scattered throughout the map. The game is still in beta, so players may encounter some bugs, but the game offers the smoothest experience out of many other 3D games out there.

Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds can be downloaded from the links provided below: – 2D Battle Royale

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Claimed to have been played by over 30 million players and with 1 million+ downloads on the Play store, ZombsRoyale is not a conventional Battle Royale. For starters, it’s two dimensional. The game has customizable characters and over 1000 unique cosmetics that enhance the aesthetics of the game. Players can form squads of up to 4 players, or just go solo against 99 other players in a small map, ensuring more mayhem and faster-paced gameplay. The game has fun modes like 50v50, Crystal Clash and Zombie clash which make the game unique. The game even has its official discord channel where players can team up with other users and make friends.

ZombsRoyale is only downloadable on Android. Click here to download the game.


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