Another Youngster Dies From Playing PUBG Excessively (Update: False)

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Another Youngster Dies From Playing PUBG Excessively (Update: False)

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Important Update:

In the latest development to the story, it has since come to light that claims made regarding the demise of a 20-year-old boy named Sagar due to playing PUBG Mobile excessively were fake. As per Dr Raj Kiran, who treated late Sagar has clarified that the deceased was suffering from a serious infection and was undergoing treatment which was not caused due to playing the mobile game. 

A video shared by friends of Sagar was misinterpreted which spread like a wildfire. It was revealed that friends of the deceased wanted to cheer him up while he was in tremendous pain. His friends talked about PUBG Mobile in the short clip which was mistaken to the cause of his sickness. Subsequently, the doctor has dismissed the previously made claims and has put an end to the sham news.

Original Story

Another day, another unfortunate news associated with the wildly popular PUBG Mobile is making headlines. A youngster based out of Jagtial, Telangana has died due to health implications caused because of playing PUBG mobile for extended periods of time. The deceased boy, Sagar who was 20 years old was addicted to the mobile game since the past 45 days. Reportedly, he played the game day in an day out which due to improper posture affected his nerves. Sagar, now deceased was admitted to a hospital in Hyderabad where he underwent treatment for 5 days. Sadly even in the hospital his condition did not improve and he subsequently passed. 

Similar Instances Linked To PUBG Mobile

There have been numerous unfavourable cases linked to PUBG mobile in the past that have shaken the nation. Earlier this week two youngsters residing from Maharashtra were mowed down by a train while they were playing the highly engrossing game near the railway tracks late in the night.  

Another instance was of a young man from Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh who drank acid mistaking it for water, while engaged in the PUBG mobile game. 

Reaction Of Tencent, PUBG’s Developer

Although Tencent is yet to release a statement on the mishap that has taken place in the country, it had previously imposed a lockdown which prevents a user from playing the game for more than  6 hours in a day. Also, users under the age of 13 in some regions are being prompted to a digital lockdown which needs the guardian or the device owner to unlock. Furthermore, the company is also expected to take even resolute steps to curb its addiction in order to prevent a foreseen ban. 

Can A Nationwide Game Ban Eradicate Its Obsession?

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The question is profoundly complicated but banning the game altogether might not be the guaranteed measure to prevent such mishaps from occurring in the future. As if one game is banned completely, another might turn out to be more successful than the existing one. Therefore, users need to be reformed by educating them and making them aware of the ill effects that can be followed by digital unhygiene. 

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