Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 2,000 In India

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Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 2,000 In India

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With the ever-increasing advancement in technology, smartphones have evolved in a lot of ways over the years. But despite all of that innovation, one function of it hasn’t always been up to the mark. That feature is the sound or to be more precise, their inbuilt speakers. While devices like the  Apple iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, Samsung Galaxy S10 series and the Pixel 3/3XL offer stereo sound, there may always be a need for a more powerful, dedicated sound system. In selecting a good, portable wireless speaker, the options present in the market can be overwhelming. To make the choice easier, we have combined the best options under Rs. 2,000 available in the market currently.

Mi Basic 2 

While talking about an affordable electronic device, it is quite inevitable to talk about Xiaomi. The Mi Basic 2 Bluetooth speaker is made out of aluminium frame and weighs 237g. Rated output of the drivers is 5W and the claimed battery life is 10 hours. With a great sound quality for the price, minimalistic looks and a portable design, the speakers are one of the best choices in the market currently.


The JBL GO is one of the most popular speakers under Rs. 2,000. It is also bolstered by the fact that it is available in eight different eye-popping colours and weighs a nimble 132g. The maximum output power of the speaker is 3W. While this is lower than what the competition offers, the JBL GO is more portable and has the brand name of an audio equipment giant to back them up. Due to the sheer portability and looks alone, the speakers are one of the best options in the price range.

Philips BT50B

The Phillips BT50B is one of the most portable wireless speakers available in the market. Offered in four different colour variants, the sound output of the mono speaker is rated at 2W. While it doesn’t seem much on paper, it is a great sounding speaker when compared to its size. The rated battery life is 6 hours on a single charge and the weight of the speakers is a measly 90g. Also, the portability and a good sound output make it a great option in wireless speakers under the price of Rs. 2,000.

Boat Stone 650

The company Boat is known to make quality audio accessories at an affordable price. The Stone 650 is no different. While not the most compact options, the Bluetooth speakers offer a rugged build and an IPX5 rating for water resistance. Sound output is rated at 10W with the help of a dual driver setup inside. Battery life is also good, as the speakers are rated to last 7 hours on a single charge. Despite its size, the speakers weigh 653g which makes them fairly portable. The mix of a great sound and a competitive price makes it one of the best options in the market.

Zoook Rocker M2-Mean Machine

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The Bluetooth speakers justify its naming perfectly, with a rugged and cylindrical design. The Zook Rocker M2 have a barrage of ports and slots to play music and charge the device. It has a shoulder strap that is included in the box, which makes them fairly portable and easy o carry around. The rated sound output of 10W and a claimed battery life of 6 hours on a single charge make it one of the best sounding and the best options available under the price of Rs. 2,000.

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