Microsoft Decides To Pull The Plug On Windows 7

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Microsoft Decides To Pull The Plug On Windows 7

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Microsoft Windows 7 was the operating system that defined a decade for desktops and laptops. With one of the most loyal user base of a Microsoft-designed OS, Windows 7 held its position as one of the most stable operating systems ever. Even after the company released Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, Windows 7 users found it extremely tough to migrate to the newer operating systems. After almost 10 years of a very successful run, Microsoft has finally decided to terminate support for the OS.

Microsoft’s Response

Microsoft has already started notifying Windows 7 users regarding the removal of support for the same. The company is also recommending its users what OS should they move to next. Furthermore, it is also eager to clear any doubts regarding the end of support with the OS. As per reports, Windows users will have a time period of approximately 9 months to upgrade to the OS to Windows 10, which is the latest (and widely used) operating system from the company.

By the beginning of January 2020, Microsoft will not only stop the sale of Windows 7 digital keys but will also stop providing technical support and security patches for the same. No new bugs will be addressed by the American Multinational Technology company, which will make the device running Windows 7 extremely vulnerable to malware and other security threats such as viruses, trojans and even phishing bots. Since the new virus signatures won’t be updated by the OS, the system may get infected far more easily.

How To Migrate To Windows 10?

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Microsoft states that Windows 10 will act as a welcoming interface to Windows 7 users. All the support required for backing up the user data and documents is being extended by Microsoft itself. Step-by-step guides available on the company’s website will help users safely move over to a new PC or the new OS. In order to prepare users for moving to Windows 10, Microsoft claims that the new OS starts up 28 percent faster than Windows 7, and has a better security detail than the outgoing OS. With this move, Microsoft may attain the number of 1 billion Windows 10 devices by the end of the year 2019, with the current user count standing at around 800 million.

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