Xiaomi 100W Super Charge Can Fully Charge A 4000 mAh Smartphone in 17 Minutes

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Xiaomi 100W Super Charge Can Fully Charge A 4000 mAh Smartphone in 17 Minutes

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A few years ago, customers paid less importance to the charging speed of a smartphone. However, times have changed, and so have the charging speeds. Where charging speed was just a small value in the specifications somewhere, it has become a key selling point for smartphones these days. With the advancement of technology, charging times have reduced greatly on modern smartphones. Some proprietary technologies used by OEMs on their devices include OnePlus’s Dash Charge, Motorola’s Turbo Charging and Oppo’s SuperVOOC charge. Currently, the fastest wired charger is the aforementioned SuperVOOC 50W charger (10V/5A), but there is a new contender on the scene, and it’s Xiaomi.

About Super Charge Turbo

Xiaomi is planning to unveil its Super Charge Turbo technology at an official event on March 26. Exceptionally, the new technology will be capable of charging a 4,000 mAh battery in a record 17 minutes. This was showcased in a Weibo post by Xiaomi’s President Lin Bin, where a 100W charger running at 20V/5A was juicing up a device which supposedly looks like a Redmi smartphone.

The battery charge percentage was progressing at a never-seen-before speed as the timer hit 17 minutes. Moreover, the company was comparing its Super Charge charging speed with the aforementioned Oppo’s SuperVOOC charge speed in the video. Remarkably, and as expected, the Oppo smartphone was able to attain a battery charge of 65% in the time that the Redmi device hit full charge. Noteworthy, the Oppo device has a battery of 3,700 mAh, while the Redmi handset is labelled with a 4,000 mAh battery capacity.

Competition And Innovation

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Xiaomi currently has support for up to 27W wired charging, so this is certainly an enormous jump for the company. Even though the technology is not viable enough to be commercialized anytime soon, the latest innovation by Xiaomi may become a trendsetter for other brands in the arena. For instance, Huawei’s 55W Super Charge will be able to juice up the Mate X to 100% in under 35 minutes. High-Speed charging across a wide range of devices may not be supported for now, but more information will be available when Xiaomi officially announces the Super Charge Turbo technology.

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