SpaceX Launches and Lands Three Falcon Heavy Rocket Boosters Successfully

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SpaceX Launches and Lands Three Falcon Heavy Rocket Boosters Successfully

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SpaceX short for Space Exploration Technologies Corp is a privately held American aerospace manufacturer which was founded in the year 2002. The company has been rigorously working towards driving down the costs of space transportation by developing reusable space crafts and spacecraft parts. On 11th of April, 2019, the company achieved a noteworthy milestone which is the successful landing of three rocket cores on Earth.

What Is A Rocket Core?


A booster rocket is the first stage engine of a multistage launch vehicle which is used to drive the whole rocket unit out of earth’s orbit. Once the whole unit crosses the orbit, the booster separates itself from the main rocket body that carries the payload. Once separated, the rocket core enters the earth’s orbit once again which may or may not be reused depending on its landing.

Why Is The SpaceX Achievement Significant?

As previously mentioned, the company was able to successfully land all three rocket cores from the Falcon Heavy rocket. It is the first time that the company is able to achieve this feat. Last year in the month of February, the company tried to accomplish the same landing which failed due to one Rocket core running out of fuel. Consequently, the rocket core slammed into the ocean thereby rendering unusable.

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As per reports, SpaceX was able to achieve this successful landing due to the fact that all three boosters used for this flight were upgraded versions of the company’s rockets known as Block 5. The new versions are tweaked in a manner which optimises their reusability. Therefore, the company can quickly and easily turn them around for future flights.

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