Here’s What Happens When You Search For Thanos On Google

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Here’s What Happens When You Search For Thanos On Google

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The latest superhero movie from Marvel Studios, Avengers: Endgame has hit theatres all across India today. The movie marks the culmination of 21 movies starting from Iron Man in the year 2008. While the wait to watch the movie seems like something impossible to do, Google has a surprise in store for the franchise’s fans. In typical Google fashion, the company has inserted an easter egg into its search engine. This one revolves around Thanos; the big bad in the latest Marvel movie.

Searching For Thanos On Google

Like mentioned above, the latest easter egg from Google is dedicated to the villain of the Avengers: Endgame movie named Thanos, the Mad Titan. In the preceding film Avengers: Infinity War released last year, he was shown decimating half of the whole universe’s population with the snap of his fingers. The surprise by Google here is for the users searching for the Mad Titan on the search engine. In the search results, an infinity gauntlet similar to what he wore in the previous movie is visible on the right side of the screen. When it is clicked, the gauntlet snaps its fingers like in the movie and half of the search results disappear from the screen. Furthermore, the count of the search results is also reduced to half in the process.

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Notably, to make things go back to their previous state, one would need to click on the gauntlet once again. Doing this shows a new animation which uses the time stone; an element in the Avengers: Endgame movie used to control time, to bring the results back to their original form. It is certainly an amusing addition to build the hype around the film further. The movie, as mentioned above releases today in most countries worldwide. The anticipation around Avengers: Endgame has been unprecedented; with over 2.5 million tickets sold via advanced booking across India, according to ticketing agent BookMyShow. For those who are too lazy to go on Google and search for Thanos, you can visit the link here to watch the decimation happen.

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