Internet Explorer 10 Preview 4 out : Windows 7 not supported

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Internet Explorer 10 Preview 4 out : Windows 7 not supported

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Microsoft has just released the 4th preview of the Internet Explorer 10, with feature improvements targeted at creating Rich and creative Web Apps for the Browser. There should be little energy movement for this new preview because  most devs will not be able to use the browser, because it can only run on Windows 8 preview release that came during BUILD conference. 

The new features include Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), JavaScript typed arrays and binary file manipulation, and HTML5 video subtitling. Typed arrays and support for binary files enable much better performance for JavaScript applications that handle binary data, such as images and audio. CORS provides a safe way for JavaScript applications to use services offered by different providers. CORS allows one application to expose its data to another application even when the same-origin policy would otherwise deny such access.

Focusing more on Metro Style UI and Apps, looks like Microsoft missed the point of the preview. Since the entire developer community develops on Windows 7, excluding them from the preview will exclude the time and the insights they could have given.

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