A New Google Tool Discovered Which Tracks All Of The User’s Purchases

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A New Google Tool Discovered Which Tracks All Of The User’s Purchases

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American technology giant Google has been accused of breaching the internet privacy of users; and collecting their data to serve them advertisements online multiple times in the past. The company has released statements denying the claims but latest reports from a reputed media source reignite the accusations. It alleges the search engine behemoth also tracks the entire purchase history of its users ever since they signed up for Gmail, its email service.

Gmail Purchase History

The report affirms Google has been tracking the purchase history of Gmail users via the confirmation or order receipts when they make a purchase. Notably, this only works if the outlet or place the person has made a purchase from has their email address. The company has clarified in a statement that it has built this tool to help its users easily view and keep track of their purchases, bookings and subscriptions in one place. It claims the information can only be seen by the user and no one else. The information about user’s orders can also be saved in other Google’s services. The aforementioned revelation is expected to be a huge privacy controversy, as the information is not stored locally but instead on the company’s cloud services.

Deleting The Data

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While Google storing your purchase data on its servers might sound like a grim situation, luckily, there is a way to delete the information. Users can go to this page and check their purchase histories. To delete the data, users need to click on the order details and select the option on the bottom of the page. Unfortunately, deleting the details is only possible if the original email containing the receipt or order detail is deleted, which might be inconvenient for some users. 

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