NASA is Planning to Send Women To The Moon, Mission To Be Called Artemis

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NASA is Planning to Send Women To The Moon, Mission To Be Called Artemis

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the US is planning to get women to the surface of the moon by the year 2024. In light of recent reports, it has been declared that the mission will be named Artemis, after the Greek Goddess of the Moon. This lines up perfectly with the fact that the first moon missions were named Apollo, after the Greek God of Sun and Light. NASA’s famous Apollo Missions introduced the Moon’s surface to the first men who walked on it, namely Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in 1969. 

NASA Administrator stated that it is very fortunate that after almost 50 years after the first moon mission, the Artemis program will carry the next man and the first ever woman to the surface of the moon. He further added that within the next five years, the milestone will most likely be successfully shattered. 

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NASA announced the name of the mission report on May 13 2019, shortly after it unveiled its updated budget request for touching down on the moon by 2024. The program is still in its early stages. Reportedly, NASA has been working on space vehicles and capsules for a long time now, and even though they have not been occupied by any astronauts till date, NASA will commence test runs soon. A lot of new hardware, such as Lunar Landers are also being manufactured for the Artemis mission, which will soon become a reality. 

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