Huawei’s Replacement For Android, The “Project Z” Is Far From Ready

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Huawei’s Replacement For Android, The “Project Z” Is Far From Ready

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Earlier this week, it was reported that the United States has put a trade ban on Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. It meant that no American company can trade with Huawei until granted permission by the government. As a result, the Chinese OEM lost its rights to software like Android, Windows, and hardware from Intel. Now, it is being reported from a credible source that Huawei has been working on a homegrown Operating System (OS) which may replace Android in the future. This OS is being referred to as internally by the name “Project Z”.

Huawei Project Z
Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro

As mentioned above, the OS that may eventually replace Android on Huawei smartphones and tablets is already in the works. According to reports, this software, codenamed Project Z, has been in development since the last few years. A senior Huawei executive claims it was started just in case the company was barred from using Android in the future. While details about the upcoming software are bleak at best, the source claims it is facing a rough development process. Because of the company’s inexperience in the field so far, the launch of the OS might be delayed. While when it will be announced is anyones guess, a release of later this year is suggested.


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With the Project Z operating system, Huawei faces a tougher challenge than it using Android. For an OS to work, support for third-party applications is essential and the company may face a lot of problems convincing developers to get on board. While this issue is less of an importance in China, where Google and its services are banned; it may be a major challenge in markets like Europe and India. Huawei may also end up building its own ecosystem, much like Apple with the upcoming OS if it finds any success globally.

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