NASA Plans On Sending “Gateway” Space Station To Orbit The Moon

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NASA Plans On Sending “Gateway” Space Station To Orbit The Moon

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The Vice President of the United States of America, Mike Pence has announced a program that once again wants to take humans to the surface of the moon by the year 2024. This prompts NASA to swing into action to make this Herculean task a reality. The space agency gave out a contract to a company to start off with the foundations of a small space station to put into the Moons orbit.

NASA Gateway

The power and propulsion systems of the space station will be built by a Colorado-based company called Maxar and the orbital outpost has been named Gateway. Unlike the Apollo missions that focused on directly landing on the moon surface, Nasa plans on building Gateway for its future lunar missions, named Artemis, from the moon’s orbit.

The Gateway will reportedly house numerous astronauts alongside their respective tools and gears, including vehicles that would shift to and fro from the space station and the lunar surface. The space station will act as the central hub for any lunar based mission for the purpose of research or even scouting for a habitable zone.

The White House has requested a budget increase to $1.6 billion to make for the 2024 deadline. It is yet to be stated what the overall cost of the entire program would encompass. The opposing party (Democrats) have been vocal on the many inconsistencies in the reports presented thus far and the vague nature of the mission that leaves many questions unanswered.

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The last mission that had sent a human to the moon was the Apollo 17, almost 47 years ago (7th December 1972). The lunar space station in a positive light will almost certainly be a host for individuals of varying fields from different nationalities all which could, in theory, lead to habitable lunar colonies.

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