DJI Unveils The DJI Storm Drone Alongside Its Own Van And Crew

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DJI Unveils The DJI Storm Drone Alongside Its Own Van And Crew

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DJI, one of the most highly celebrated brands in the field of drone and cinematography has yet again outdone themselves with its latest professional-grade filming drone. The drone is as flagship as they get, so much so that the model is not even available for purchase. DJI has rather decided to employ its service of this drone alongside a van that is equipped with various tech and parts of the drone being manned by a team of professionals trained crew for filming.

Aptly named, DJI Storm received a rather uneventful reveal with the company discreetly uploading a video of the drone on YouTube. The drone is heavily equipped to tackle various scenarios and function at the optimum levels(operational parameters ranging from -10°C to 40°C). Carrying with it an eight-rotor blade, the drone has a maximum payload capacity of 18.5kg.


This opens up the potential for drones to carry various mid-sized and professional filming cameras like the Arri Alexa LF camera that was equipped with its lens as seen in the YouTube reveal video. The camera was also outfitted with one of DJI’s wireless focus system (that follows the subject in focus) along with DJI’s Ronin 2 gimbal for stabilization.

The video showcased a myriad of expensive hardware that is not exactly consumer grade but rather used for professional work or filming. Even DJI’s latest drone model available for sale, the Matrice 600 for professionals, costs $5000 (approx. Rs. 3,47,000). The Matrice 600 however, is only capable of carrying a load of upto 6kg. DJI Storm is also reportedly faster than the Matrice variant by 10mph, having a top speed of 80kmph. DJI has listed the capabilities of the drone to sustain flight for 15 minutes with a payload of 12kg,  this depends on the batteries used to power the drone systems.

DJI Storm is working out to be one of the most expensive filming drone systems ever seen. The DJI Ronin 2 gimbal for stabilization carries a hefty price tag of $8000 (approx. Rs. 5,56,000) and the heavy duty drones like xFold Dragon X12 will put buyers down by $30,000 (approx. Rs. 20,87,000). 

However, the company seems to be reserving the equipment for its DJI Studio Custom Aerial Cinematography Service, which is seen in the video with the special van, professionally trained crew, and many of the DJI’s top gears like Master Wheels and Force Pro remote control systems. These systems allow the cinematographers to move the drone’s camera as they would do in person.

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DJI Studio is not a relatively new department within DJI, having been working with Asian markets for a while now. What can be gathered by the company’s Chinese website show offerings for only the DJI Matrice 600 paired with the Sony A7S II camera or the DJI Inspire 2. It is unclear as to which markets would be hit with this service as no official announcements have been made so far.

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