Microsoft Xbox 2020 Leaked To Arrive In Two Variants

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Microsoft Xbox 2020 Leaked To Arrive In Two Variants

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Shortly after Project Scarlett was announced at the E3 Gaming Convention 2019, leaks and rumours have shrouded Microsoft’s upcoming gaming console in mystery. The next iteration of the Xbox is expected to define a new era in console gaming. For instance, it is speculated that the upcoming Xbox will support 8K gaming, 120 fps and ray tracing technology. Microsoft has named it Project Scarlett, and more information regarding the gaming console is expected to be available soon. However, a user on social media website Reddit has revealed some key information regarding the upcoming Xbox.

Microsoft Project Scarlett

The leaks state that the next generation gaming console will officially be named the Xbox V. Furthermore, the company will announce not one, but two consoles and the specced-up variant of the Xbox V will be called the Xbox VX. Where the toned down variant of Microsoft’s gaming console is speculated to be priced at US$ 400 (~INR 27,800), the Xbox VX will most likely be priced at US$ 500 (~INR 34,800).

Microsoft project Scarlett

The Xbox V will not include a disk drive, which explains the lower pricing of the same. Additionally, the console will also compromise on some other hardware specifications, implying that Microsoft wants to take on the cheaper variant of Sony’s PlayStation 5 when it will be announced. On the other hand, the more powerful Xbox VX will feature an inbuilt disk drive, 4K support, and a Blu-Ray reader. Both variants of the Xbox will have 1TB of internal storage by default. The 2TB variant of both consoles will be priced at US$ 100 more than the price of the base variants.


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The leak source further states that Microsoft has some exclusive game titles that are lined up for a later release. However, the American company may not unveil any information regarding the games anytime soon since it is more focused on strengthening its current lineup of games. Lastly, the speculated Xbox V and Xbox VX are expected to be released in the month of November 2020. Going by the leaks, the project was named Scarlet but infact the code names of both the consoles are “Lockhart” and “Anaconda”. Note that the information mentioned above is solely based on a leak, so it’s wise that it should be taken with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, a clash of the consoles is apparent in 2020, so interested fans might just have to wait.

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