5 Features That We Want In The iPhone 11

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5 Features That We Want In The iPhone 11

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As we draw closer to the launch date of the iPhone 11 (iPhone XI), Apple fans are expecting a host of new features in the upcoming smartphone. The next generation iPhone is expected to be launched in the month of September 2019, alongside a new iteration of the Apple Watch. Triple rear camera set up in the device has already been revealed, thanks to countless leaks and rumours across the web. However, here are some upgrades that we are really looking forward to in the Apple iPhone 11.

More Internal Storage

iPhone XS

The memory requirements of smartphones are increasing with each new iteration since an upgraded camera and additional features imply that images will occupy a bigger chunk in the memory block. As mentioned before, the iPhone 11 will likely sport triple rear cameras, which is bound to result in larger-sized images. Moreover, with the introduction of native video editing in the iOS 13, users will tend to save videos on their device rather than the cloud. For the aforementioned reasons, it would be great if the company’s flagship smartphones feature 1 Terabyte of ROM. South Korean company Samsung was the first one to incorporate 1TB of internal storage in the Galaxy S10+ when it was launched in the month of February 2019. 

Primary USB Type-C Port
Apple WWDC 2019 iOS 13

iPhone X

It is expected that Apple will ship the iPhone 11 with a USB Type-C port instead of the Lightning port, which will improve the charging capabilities and unify connectivity across various devices. Apple’s MacBook Pro and iPad Pro both support charging via USB Type-C ports. As reported previously, the company may be planning a complete shift over to the USB Type-C environment. However, such a move may disrupt the sales of one of the highest selling Apple accessories, the USB-C to lighting cable adapter. Nonetheless, a Type-C port will be a nice and welcome addition to the new iPhones.

Faster Face ID

Apple iPhone XI Face ID

The announcement of iOS 13 brought forth a lot of exciting features, one of the prominent ones being a faster unlock speed via Face ID. The company claimed that Face ID authentication on the upcoming iPhone 11 will operate 30 percent faster than older devices. Apple is known for focusing on the performance statistics in all new iterations of operating systems. Hopefully, a combination of improved hardware (in the iPhone 11) and iOS 13 may result in even faster-unlocking speeds, which will be a delight for iPhone users.

Reverse Wireless Charging

iPhone XS Max

The presence of Reverse Wireless Charging (similar to the Galaxy S10+) in the iPhone 11 would be an added bonus for users. The feature will help users in charging their accessories with the help of their iPhones. For instance, the Apple Watch and the updated AirPods (with wireless charging) will be chargeable via Reverse Wireless Charging on the iPhone 11. Since the feature is hardware dependent, it will be exclusive to the new iPhones when they will be launched. 

Smaller Notch
Apple iPhone XI

iPhone X

Multiple features of the iPhone X were welcomed warmly by users, except the wide notch up front on the display. Although Apple is justified in incorporating a large notch in the device (owing to the sheer number of sensors), it still affects the aesthetics of the handset. The iPhone X notch currently houses the following sensors

  • IR Camera
  • Flood Illuminator
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Front Camera
  • Dot Projector 

For this reason, it would be great if Apple reduces the size of the notch in the iPhone 11 by 10 to 15 percent, which would greatly improve the design factor of the next generation iPhones. 

Apple iPhone XR

iPhone XR

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The iPhone 11 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2019, and it would be really exciting to see if all the features mentioned above make their way to the device. 

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