iOS 13 Launched By Apple, Features Dark Mode, Privacy Upgrades, Performance Boosts

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iOS 13 Launched By Apple, Features Dark Mode, Privacy Upgrades, Performance Boosts

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At WWDC 2019, Apple finally launched the highly-anticipated iOS 13 operating system for iPhones. The new update brings a ton of improvements to the Apple ecosystem. It is touted to be the next great release that will bring improvements all across the board for popular iPhones alongside various UI overhauls and apps revamps. Here are some of the major changes that Apple introduced with the all new iOS 13.

Dark Mode
Apple iOS 13 WWDC 2019

The feature that had been long rumoured and asked for by iPhone users was finally showcased. This has been one of the single most anticipated changes ever occuring on the the iOS. It marks the second major aesthetic change to the UI after iOS 7. The true system-wide dark mode is supported by all Apple apps such as Photos, Calendar and multiple others.


Apple iOS 13

Apple has introduced a new update to the Reminder application in iOS 13 at the WWDC 2019. Users can filter their tasks using various filtering options such as “Today”, “Scheduled” and “Flagged”. Additionally, the app has recieved a visual overhaul and will include AI integration, which will automatically suggest users when they would like to be reminded. Users can also tag their contacts and upon opening the respective thread in messages, they will be reminded of the same.

Performance Boost

WWDC 2019

Similar to the iOS 12 update, the company has designed iOS 13 in order to upgrade the performance statistics of older devices as well as upcoming iPhones. Apple has stated that features such as FaceID will operate 30 percent faster with the new update. Also, applications will open twice as fast on iOS 13 as compared to iOS 12. New updates will also be 60% smaller, while downloads will be 50 percent smaller than the previous OS.


Apple iOS 13 WWDC 2019

Since privacy forms an integral basis of Apple’s ecosystem, the company has introduced a multitude of security features to iOS 13 at the WWDC 2019. For instance, users can decide to grant access to location services “just once”, which will not send their location data every time they use the concerned application. Also, using the “Sign in with Apple” feature, users can log into applications and services using their Face ID and simply create a new account without divulging personal data. Furthermore, users can get new private email addresses made every time they log into a new app using Apple Accounts, which will reduce the amount of spam emails accumulating in users’ inboxes.

Revamped Photo And Video Editing Tools, External Storage

The company has introduced a new editing interface to iOS 13 for photos and videos, which will allow the users to enhance their clicks and snaps in a much detailed scenario. Users can edit vignette, brilliance, shadows, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpness, highlights, definition, and noise reduction in their images. Videos can now be rotated directly in the new operating system update. The refreshed Photos app UI will ensure that duplicates and clutter-like images will be automatically removed from the storage. Talking of storage, iOS 13 will enable users to directly copy files from SD cards and USB drives to the Files application.

Swiping Keyboard And Memojis

Apple iOS 13

Users familiar with third party keyboards like Swiftkey and Swype will be delighted to know that Apple has finally updated its own stock keyboard with a swiping functionality. Users can simply “glide” through the letters to draft a word and eventually, sentences. Apple calls the new keyboard the “Quick Path” keyboard, and it will help users replace any third party keyboards with the redefined Apple keyboard. Furthermore, Apple also added the option to use Memojis as a profile picture. Apple is also adding more options for customizing Memoji, as well as adding the ability to use Memojis as iMessage stickers in chat.


Apple iOS 13

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The developer preview of iOS 13 is available to the members of the Apple Developer Program. Noteworthy, a public beta program will be also available to iOS users next month. iOS 13 will be available this Fall as a free software update for iPhone 6s and later iPhones. This rollout is expected to occur at the same time when the company will reportedly announce the next generation of iPhones.  

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