Square Enix Roundup At E3

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Square Enix Roundup At E3

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Square Enix has a lot to prove at E3, the largest gaming expo in the world. The Japanese video game developer has kept its loyal fans waiting for its Final Fantasy VII Remake and Avengers titles. Square Enix has announced the release date for both the games. Announcements were made for further titles in Final Fantasy series to also receive remakes and remasters (namely Final Fantasy VIII). Additionally, the franchise’s iconic music is now available for streaming online.

The Avengers

Reports had already confirmed Crystal Dynamics studio collaborating with Eidos Montreal for an upcoming Avengers game. A first look was given to the world through a trailer after years going by since the announcement of its development. Actual gameplay can be seen in the trailer with the heroes in all their glory, capes, and superpowers. The Avengers game is scheduled for a May 2020 launch.

Final Fantasy VII

One of the most critically acclaimed game in the Final Fantasy series, the 7th title still holds a special appeal to RPG (Role Playing Game) lovers. Loyal fans have asked for the remake of the 22-year-old game for a while now. Square Enix has dropped trailers and teasers since the announcement of the remake at E3 2015. The game now features a robust action-oriented combat system with the return of fan favourite characters like Cloud, Tifa and Sephiroth.


A new co-op action game has been announced by Square Enix. The creators of the popular shooter Bulletstorm are working on the new title. Outriders is “set in an original dark and desperate sci-fi universe,” with drop-in an and drop-out co-op feature similar to many live always online game services like Destiny 2 from Blizzard and The Divison 2 by Ubisoft. The game will launch in summer of 2020.

Final Fantasy VIII

The 8th instalment in the Final Fantasy series that came after the extremely popular 7th game finally gets the attention it deserves. Final Fantasy VIII will be available on Steam later on this year alongside its PS4, Nintendo Switch, And Xbox One release later this year.


Tokyo RPG factory, famous for its Japanese styled RPGs or JRPGs, has announced its third title release at Square Enix E3 stage. The studio behind I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear takes a slightly different approach with its latest game in the same genre. Oninaki is an action RPG with the players controlling a character “whose duty is to usher souls into the next world.” The trailer showcases some gorgeous art styles similar to most JRPGs. The game will be released on Steam, Switch, PS4 on 22nd August 2019.

Final Fantasy Chronicles

Square Enix announced a remastered edition of Crystal Chronicles, which originally released on the Nintendo Gamecube. Apart from the fresh new aesthetical changes, the game will now feature an online multiplayer. The remaster will ship to platforms such as the PS4, Switch, iOS, and Android. The title will arrive this winter.

Square Enix has been reeling from a disappointing E3 event and lacklustre performance in 2018. On stage, this year the company has a lot on its roaster for its loyal fans with the hope to recapture the glory of its past days with the new remasters and remakes of its most popular tiles.

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