Samsung Patents A Gaming Laptop With Expandable Display

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Samsung Patents A Gaming Laptop With Expandable Display

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Earlier this year, the Korean electronics manufacturer, Samsung launched its first smartphone with a foldable display in the form of Galaxy Fold. Freshly granted patent to Samsung states that the company is working on yet another distinctive device which is a gaming laptop with an extendable display. 

Patent Disclosures

Samsung Laptop Extendable DisplaySamsung filed the patent for the aforementioned gaming laptop with KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) on December 2018 which was published on the 3rd of June 2019. The patent includes 14 sketches which showcase the different elements of the unique notebook computer. The standout feature of the laptop is apparently the display which expands to transform into an ultra wide screen.

Although the patent does not mention, the Samsung laptop’s display seems to have a conventional 16:9 aspect ratio which when expanded or rolled out converts into a display with 21:9 aspect ratio. This expansion of display provides an additional 50 percent screen real estate which can be crucial for gamers. Noteworthy, most FPS (first person shooter) games can benefit from this wide of a display as it provides a wider FOV (field of view) which in turn gives the user a competitive advantage. Samsung Gaming Laptop

The patent, however, does not reveal how Samsung intends the laptop to achieve this functionality due to lack of illustrations of the inner mechanism. Though, it seems that would incorporate technology similar to what a previously patented Samsung smartphone uses. Or rather it could also use technology similar to LG’s previously showcased rollable TVs with a flexible display. 

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All in all, the previously achieved technological feats by Samsung suggest that a gaming laptop with this feature is not farfetched. And Samsung may surprise the world soon by launching a commercially available gaming laptop with an extendable display. 

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