Google Pixel 4 Renders Reveal A New Mint Colour Option

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Google Pixel 4 Renders Reveal A New Mint Colour Option

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Google launched the first smartphone under its Pixel lineup back in the year 2016. The company since has been known for releasing two flagship handsets in the month of October each year. It is expected that the next iteration in the lineup will also follow the same pattern. These devices will be called the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL and will be a successor to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL launched last year. While the launch of the smartphones is still a few months down the road, Google in a surprising move revealed how they will look like in a teaser image on Twitter last week. Now, a leaked render of the devices showcasing a new colour option called Mint has appeared online.

Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4

As mentioned above, the Pixel 4 series will be a flagship offering from Google. The leaked image reaffirms the design that was showcased by the company a while ago. The device features a glass sandwich design and a square cutout at the back which houses the camera system. The optical setup of the handsets will be comprised of dual sensors, details about which are unknown at the moment; which will be combined with a spectral sensor. This sensor was also present in the previous generation and helps in reducing the flicker while recording a display of an electronic device.

Google Pixel 4

A contradictory design feature visible in the images of the Pixel 4 renders is the difference in the camera placement in the cutout. While the previous renders had the sensors on the centre part of the square module, the white render has them in the top half. It is believed to be an intentional feature to differentiate between the regular and XL model from the back like done with the Pixel 2 series in the year 2017. The previous models had the camera sensors and LED module swapped to distinguish them from each other. Similarly, the regular Pixel 4 may have the sensors on the top part while the Pixel 4 XL may sport them on the centre.

Google Pixel 3a

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While the previous renders from Google revealed the upcoming flagship smartphones from the rear, there was no information on how the front of the devices will look like. Based on the latest renders, it has been showcased to have a different design to its predecessors. The handsets will have thin bezels around the display with a prominent forehead to house the front-facing sensors.  The Pixel 4 series has been leaked to have two selfie cameras, along with a slew of sensors for facial recognition and motion gestures. Unfortunately, more details about the smartphones are shrouded in mystery, but they are expected to be revealed as we move closer to their launch in October.

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