Oppo Showcases A Smartphone With Invisible Selfie Camera

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Oppo Showcases A Smartphone With Invisible Selfie Camera

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Since early June, Oppo has been boasting of a smartphone with an invisible front camera. After much hype and anticipation, the technology has finally been unveiled and a prototype device with the visionary feature is currently on display at MWC Shanghai. 

As the name suggests, an under display camera or invisible camera stays hidden from the human eye as it is covered by a display on the top that has operational light pixels above which conceals the photosensor. The technology was previously conceptualised by Samsung suggests this patent. Although, the Korean Giant is yet to reveal details about the technology.

The successful development of an under display camera is a praiseworthy feat for Oppo as it is the first company in the world to pioneer this technology.  According to the video shared by Oppo, the concerning light pixels above the front camera become transparent as soon as the camera sensor is toggled. This intern allows light to pass through and the sensor beneath is able to capture images or videos.

Oppo Under Screen Camera

Actual Prototype Showcase By Oppo

Not many details about the new technology or the resolution of the underlying camera are currently available. Consequently, it is not feasible to determine whether the image quality on a device with under screen camera will take a hit or not.

Although Oppo has not provided a specific timeline for the launch of a smartphone with under display camera, it is expected to be launched soon rather than late. This move will provide the company with a headstart for its latest technological breakthrough.  

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All in all, the technology looks promising and it will surely be adopted by other OEMs as well who want to develop a premium notchless smartphone. 

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