Google Goes Overboard With A Foldable Device That Resembles A Textbook

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Google Goes Overboard With A Foldable Device That Resembles A Textbook

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American multinational company, Google is at the forefront of technology, be it software or hardware. Following the commendable success it has had with Android in the software domain, the company now plans to dip its toes in futuristic hardware as well. At the 2019 Google I/O developers conference, the company announced that it is working on several foldable smartphones or rather foldable devices.

A freshly granted patent to the company goes in line with the previous announcement. Google has been granted a patent for a unique electronic device which surprisingly resembles a textbook. The device is somewhat similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold but with a couple more displays or should we say pages.

Upon close inspection of the patent, it can be divulged that the multiple screens are held together with the main body by a sort of book spine. Speaking of the body, it may be the place where all the electronic components including chipset, motherboard and battery will be placed.

Although any concrete information about the claim cannot be derived. It is even possible that during its initial prototyping stages, the foldable device from Google may be devoid of any internal components. Instead, it could just be used a multi-fold display which is powered and provided transmission information via an external cord.

The fundamental aim behind any foldable device is to pack a large display in a body which is significantly smaller or compact than its actual dimensions. The foldable smartphone/device from Google may be conceptualised to run multiple apps simultaneously. In order to switch between applications, the user could scroll between different displays instead of swiping back and forth between apps. 

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To sum it all, the concept or technology seems visionary and promising but such a device seems a bit farfetched when considering the development that has been achieved in the field of the foldable display.

However, when and if Google is able to successfully develop a device with these aspects and features, it would rather patent the technology and license it to other OEMs than retailing it own devices.  


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