Indian Government May Launch It Own Chat App Like WhatsApp

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Indian Government May Launch It Own Chat App Like WhatsApp

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The increased hostility between the US and China have sent the rippling waves of cause and effect to the entire world. Trade tensions between the two highly influential regions have already seen victims. Huawei was one of the most notable to be caught in the crossfire. The Chinese company had been dealt a major blow to its business. To combat a similar fate, the Indian Government is considering the development of an indigenous application for chat and emails.

Indian Government

The US has shown that it is capable of pressurising or enforcing restrictions which have heavy implications on any organisation or country. Senior Government officials in India were in a state of alert following the US sanctioned bans on Huawei. This was due to companies like Intel, ARM, Google and Qualcomm severing ties with the company after the ban. These large MNCs important due to their technology or services that are utilized by virtually every nation. Furthermore, if for some reason the US places any country on such a blacklist, it can lead to severe complications.

India, to tackle this, is planning to develop its own proprietary chat app similar to WhatsApp with other homegrown secure communications network. The apps would generally be made available for the various Indian Government agencies, to protect the country from possible vulnerabilities. This will be a counter to any rising geopolitical tensions with other nations. The US Commerce Department banning Huawei incited strong discussions within India’s top brass. The discussion encompassed plans for developing a secure platform for exchanging strategically important information. 

The southeast Asian country is considering the implementation of this system for Government communications at the very least. This will ensure a degree of autonomy and self-dependence that would not have been achievable otherwise. Indian Government officials have already begun calling for the insulation of communications with reduced reliance on private solutions. The plan details a chat app which will keep and store all important related data within the country and not on some remote servers.

Indian Government

The US is currently pressuring India to bar Huawei from 5G in India. This arrives after plans for the first wave of 5G trials. Huawei has asked the Indian Government to take an independent stance on this, with no “back door entry” offered. India has yet to give a response to this. The tech giant received a ban from the US on 21s May, barring Huawei’s products and also barring US companies to supply software or hardware components. A company cannot ever be completely self-reliant. It is a regular phenomenon where technology and services are exchanged within the industries. The same as how Huawei suffered from the ban, any nation could also technically be crippled by strategic nations like the US.

Indian Government

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According to Government reports, the US Trade Representatives have already red-flagged India’s data privacy bill and intermediary guidelines. Basically, American companies like Facebook are resisting efforts of data localisation within the Indian subcontinent. The ban on Huawei only points at the possibility of any country being banned whenever they desire to do so. The localisation efforts by the Government could prevent such reliance and save the nation from a crippling state in a worst-case scenario with the “Sarkari” app.

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