5 Super Cool Home Automation Gadgets You Need to Add to Your Wishlist

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5 Super Cool Home Automation Gadgets You Need to Add to Your Wishlist

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Want to pimp up your home and make life easier? Well, thanks to our smartphones, wireless internet and companies that make some awesome innovative gadgets, we can now control everything in our homes anytime and most importantly, from anywhere. The smart home automation industry is still in its nascent stage, however, there are some devices that are already making our lives easier.

Here’s a wishlist of new home automation gadgets that you would love to have in your bedrooms:

1. Belkin WeMo Light Switch


Are you one of those who always forgets to switch off the lights? Well, then this one is for you. Belkin WeMo Light Switch connects to your home Wi-Fi network and you can control the lights using your iOS or Android device. Control options include switching lights on/off and scheduling lights to go on and off at specific times.

2. Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting


Well, this light is available in the Indian market; however, you need to shell out almost Rs. 30,000 to get one kit. The whole kit will give you amazing lighting experience in your bedroom. This kit includes 4 LED light bulbs that can be controlled wirelessly using a smartphone or a tablet. But here’s the actual fun part – you can change the hue of the light by picking any colour from a picture. Also, the brightness level can be easily controlled through the app as well.

3. Nest Smoke Alarm


Nest Protect is a smart and quiet alarm that will give you a heads-up before it goes off. Also it can identify the part of the house from which smoke is coming.   A convenient way to ensure that your iron is not burning your house down.

4. Belkin Conserve Socket


Here’s one if you tend to forget to turn the socket off after you’re done charging your phone. This smart outlet automatically turns off after a set amount of time has elapsed. Use this simple, handy tool to prevent mishaps and save money on your monthly electricity bills.

5. iRobot Roomba


Roomba is a solution for all those who totally rely on technology to solve their problems. iRobot has developed this product that will clean your apartment at the touch of a single button.

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