HP Omen X 2S Gaming Laptop With Two Screens Launched In India

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HP Omen X 2S Gaming Laptop With Two Screens Launched In India

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HP has introduced new entries in its range of gaming laptops. Omen laptops are known to sport top end hardware specifications for gaming purposes. The company has now unveiled the world’s first dual-screen gaming laptop, Omen X 2S, which will feature unique cooling mechanisms alongside the new OMEN 15 and Pavilion Gaming 15 laptops.

Key Features:

  • 6-inch secondary 1080p display
  • 15-inch primary with options between FHD and UHD displays.
  • Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Thermal Solution
  • NVIDIA Series Graphics Card upto RTX 2080.

Pavilion Gaming 15

Dual screens laptops have started slowly gaining a more mainstream commercial audience. Computex 2019 was one of the major events where the technology had gained major coverage. The technology is not brand new, but for the first time is available to the gaming markets instead of first-look on prototypes. HP, in a press release, introduced the Omen X 2S that is going to be launched in India along with HP Omen 15 and Pavilion Gaming 15.

New Secondary Screen

The unique gaming laptop will receive various HP enhancements in the software to improve the overall gaming experience. HP Omen X2S will offer numerous multitasking capabilities to the user with its new secondary display. Most gamers out there would tend to listen to music, watch game streamers or even check messages every now and then. The new screen offers the same functionality without ever needing to reach for a smartphone of turning away from the system.

Omen X 2S

Players can text friends on chatting apps like WhatsApp, browse through the music of their choice from Spotify and even connect to Youtube and Twitch. This is made possible on the 6-inch 1080p secondary screen above the keyboard of the laptop. The smaller display has its interface run by the OMEN Command Centre software that enables simple controls of the new space. The second screen can also highlight certain aspects seen on the main screen such as the map in racing and shooter games.

Omen X 2S

Design & Cooling

Gaming laptops have historically been known to run with higher power requirements and temperature. Various OEMs have tackled this with their own proprietary cooling solutions. HP brings its own take to the issue with its new OMEN “Tempest”. HP’s Omen X 2S is the first laptop to feature an applied liquid metal compound for its thermal solutions. HP claims that the aforementioned technology will pave the way for smaller and cooler heat management systems.  Omen X 2S

The upcoming gaming laptop is built on a 20mm full-metal body chassis. Omen X 2S sees a 20% reduction in size over its predecessors with the new cooling method. In terms of aesthetics, the device sports a familiar design that has been seen in previous iterations. The unique hinge and angular designs are what people have come to expect from HP’s Omen lineup.

Internal Specifications

The upcoming gaming laptop, including the Omen 15, are available various configurations that potential buyers can opt for. Omen laptops can be equipped with the latest generation of 9th Gen Intel Core i9 octa-core processor. Graphical fidelity can be provided by the latest video cards from NVIDIA such as the RTX 2080 that feature the cooler and quieter Max-Q designs.

Omen X 2S

The amount of storage has yet to be detailed but upto 16GB of RAM will be provided by HP. Furthermore, since laptops are portable and more mobile than its desktop variants, the new Intel Wi-FI 6 is being provided as well. It is claimed to be 3 times faster in terms of file transfer speed over the older Wi-Fi 5.

Other Offerings

Two additional gaming laptops have also been announced for prospective buyers that don’t intend on spending too much. HP’s Omen 15 and Pavilion Gaming 15 will launch alongside the Omen X 2S. The later is a laptop designed on a thinner frame than its older variants but with improved specifications and performance. However, the gaming system will not receive similar top-notch hardware as the Omen X 2S. The laptop only receives upto the 9th Intel Core i7 CPU alongside NVIDIA’s GTX 1660 Ti with Max-Q design. 

Pavilion Gaming 15

Price and Availability

The world’s first dual-screen gaming laptop “Omen X 2S” prices start from Rs. 2,09,990. HP OMEN 15 laptop will have buyers shell out Rs. 1,24,990 while the Pavilion Gaming 15 Laptop will go for Rs. 70, 990. An Omen gaming mouse is being sold on the side which is priced at Rs.1,799. HP is also offering the OMEN Outpost Mousepad which can charge the gaming mouse through the Qi wireless charging technology.

Pavilion Gaming 15

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OMEN X 2S is expected to be available from July 1st via HP’s official website. The other two gaming laptops are currently available on the aforementioned website. These products from HP will seek to expand the company’s gaming horizons in the southeastern nation. India, although slow, is rising with the number of people with gaming-specific requirements. The Indian market holds great potential for any OEM and HP’s reception with the products shall be seen in the arriving weeks.

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