700 MPH Hyperloop Project Inches Closer To Becoming A Reality In India

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700 MPH Hyperloop Project Inches Closer To Becoming A Reality In India

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Due to fast-paced modernisation and mass migration from rural to urban areas, it has become a huge challenge for the Indian government to provide reliable means of transportation in metro cities.

The government has been looking for alternative means of transportation and the answer could be the ‘HyperLoop’ which theoretically can reach speeds of upto 700 mph or about 1100 km/h.


Hyperloop illustration

According to the latest development shared by VirginHyperloop One, which is one of the companies working on the development of this technology believes that the decision of building Mumbai to Pune Hyperloop project will soon be finalised. 

Officials in the state of Maharashtra have named Virgin Hyperloop One and its partner, DP World as originators of multi-billion dollar project. The government is soon expected to launch an official bidding process to accept offers from potential builders and contractors. And clearly, Virgin Hyperloop expects to turn out the winner.

Noteworthy, once the project is finished, the travel time between two cities i.e Pune to Mumbai will drop down to just 35 minutes which is significantly lower than 3.5 hours, it usually takes to commute via car. 

Hyperloop Pod

Hyperloop Pod

The Hyperloop project in India will not be constructed from the taxpayer money. Instead, DP world will spend about 500 million to complete the initial phase of the project. While the remaining amount of money will be garnered in from other investors.

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Equally important is the fact that Hyperloop is still in the development stages and it has not been commercially implemented in any other part of the world until now. Hence, Indian government officials will thoroughly study the project before it is actually sanctioned. 

To sum it up, there are still several hurdles that are preventing the Hyperloop One project from turning into a reality in India. Nonetheless, the indications given by Virgin Hyperloop One states that the project will kick off soon. 

What are your thoughts on the introduction of the superfast Hyperloop One in India? Let us know in the comments below. 

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