Huawei Trademark Three P Series Smartphones; Dubbed The P300, P400 & P500

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Huawei Trademark Three P Series Smartphones; Dubbed The P300, P400 & P500

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Amidst all the unfavourable situations that Huawei had to face after the US ban, its pace of developing and launching new smartphones has stayed unaffected. Earlier this year, it launched three smartphones in the “P” handset lineup which include the P30, P30 Pro and the P30 Lite

Chronological name sequencing suggests that the successors of the handsets would carry the Huawei P40 branding, however, a latest piece of news suggests that the company is about to stir things a bit.
Huawei P300 P400 P500

On the 2nd of August, Huawei was granted three trademarks by the UK IPO (Intellectual Property Office) which carry the following names:

  • P300
  • P400
  • P500

For readers who do not know, it is mandatory for OEMs to get their device names registered with Intellectual Property Offices of different countries or regions. So that once a trademark has been registered, another company cannot make use of the name for their products.

The trademarks are categorised as Class 9 with the description‘smartphones; mobile phones; tablets’. Hence it is clear that the newly trademarked Huawei listings are concerned with smartphones or mobile handsets.Huawei P300 P400 P500

Huawei has never released a P-Series smartphone with a hundred in the model name. Correspondingly it is hard to deduce precise details about the handsets. Nonetheless, theory can be derived that the P400 could become the P40, the P300 could become the P40 Lite, while the P500 becomes the name of the P40 Pro at the time of official launch.

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Unfortunately, the trademarks do not reveal any feature or specification of the upcoming smartphone. As observed with past instances, Huawei usually launches P-series smartphones in the Q1 of the respective year and upcoming devices are expected to follow suit. 

Therefore we will have to wait patiently as that time period is still distant. 


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