Useful Smartphone Accessories You Might Not Know Exist

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Useful Smartphone Accessories You Might Not Know Exist

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The internet and e-commerce sites are filled with boatloads of mobile accessories which range from selfie sticks to tripods to power banks. However, we have scoured the web to find those accessories which are actually useful and you might not even know that they exist. 

Neck Smartphone Holder
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As the name suggests, this accessory allows the user to hang a smartphone around their neck. It features an extendable mobile holder that can stretch upto 7.5 inch. The legs aka the stand of the accessory are made out of flexible tubing, therefore, the users can adjust them according to their comfort and viewing angle. 

Funnily enough, the key purpose of this smartphone holder is to replace human hands which would feel tired when staying steady in a given position for an extended period. Besides being used around the neck, users can also encompass it around their back and consume digital content in a leaned back position.

In additon to the two previously mentioned formats, it can also be used as a dock or a selfie stick.

Wall Mounted Phone Holder
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A large majority of people charge their smartphones overnight and chuck it under their pillow which is bad both for the human body and the smartphone. Due to improper heat dissipation, the device may get hot and has a possibility of catching flames which clearly is hazardous.  

Besides, reports have proven that keeping a mobile as less as 10 cm away from the body can eliminate 98% of the radiation emitted by them. Therefore, the next product on the list, which is a wall-mounted phone holder is a really good option that one must consider. 

In addition, it also has a cable management system with whose help the user can hide the extra cable. This allows maintaining a tidy and nice aesthetic in a living or workspace. An alternative to this is the ‘flybase’ that hangs on the charger and allows a smartphone to rest on its lap while charging. However, this is ideal for situation when the charging cable is not long enough to reach the ground or a flat surface. 

Waterproof Pouch For Mobile
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The next accessory in the list is the waterproof mobile pouch. It is made out of leather and has a see-through TPU layer on the front and back. The top of the pouch has a triple seal which ensures water cannot come in contact with the smartphone that is placed inside. 

Due to this feature, it can also be used for underwater photography. However, we recommend checking seals on the unit you receive before submerging your smartphone entirely underwater. Besides it also has a built-in lanyard which allows for easily carrying the smartphone while you are enjoying your beach holiday. 

Although there are several choices online that start for as cheap as Rs 100, we suggest buying a quality product whether the one listed below or any other. 

Mobile Cleaning Kitmobile accessories

Smartphones have become an integral part of a modern man’s life and they accompany us wherever we go. Throughout our day we come across several surfaces, out of which, many have a possibility of being contaminated with microbes or pathogens which are invisible to the human eye. Consequently, we can easily pass on these unicellular organisms to our smartphones as well.

Besides, smartphones have a high possibility of catching dust and lint from the pocket which can accumulate in grooves or slits like the earpiece grill or the charging port. After we take a bath or wash our hands we are able to get rid of most of the dirt or unicellular organisms but that never happens with our mobile phones. 

The next product on the list is an anti-microbial cleaning gel kit. Not only does it remove any surface dirt, but it can also kill the microbes from the surface of a mobile phone which can spread communicable diseases. 

Travel Organiser Bag

If you are somebody like us who owns a lot of gadgets and their accompanying accessories. This organiser bag can be a nifty addition to your setup. It has several zip secured pouches which can be used to store different miscellaneous items that can range from a sim ejector pin to chargers and whatnot.

It also has a dedicated section with elastic straps which can be used to neatly store different cords and cables. For easily carrying it around, the whole pouch wraps into a compact form factor which can be secured with a push buckle. 

Hi-Speed USB C Pendrive

Although there are plenty of applications available for mobile devices that allow to wirelessly transfer or share data, they might not be the best option for moving large size files. A USB C Pendrive could prove beneficial if you often transfer files larger than 5 GB like us too and from your smartphone.

Besides sharing data from mobile to mobile, it can also be used to transfer data from smartphone to computer as it also has a conventional USB A port. Although the company claims a transfer speed of 150 Mbps, users can get speeds of upto 50 Mbps which is much faster than wireless sharing.

Also, mobile devices like the iPad Pro and OnePlus smartphones, don’t support memory expandability via a microSD card, the Dual USB Drive 3.0 could be used to boost the internal memory. Interested users can buy Pendrive of upto 256 GB which will be more than sufficient for most scenarios. 

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Which accessory do you think is the best on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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