Motorola Atrix 2 Full Review + Video + Images

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Motorola Atrix 2 Full Review + Video + Images

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Often, in terms of technology, new products are launched worldwide. Some make it to our fair nation and some completely neglect its existence. The Motorola Brand is one of those companies that dares to beat the odds and infiltrate our market. Late more than ever, some of their products do reach us and the Motorola Atrix 2 did come to India, Although, much later than we wanted it to.

After using it for donkeys days we realized that it actually was stiff competition to the likes of Samsung and HTC in the Android sector and blew away by proportions the iOS of this range namely 3Gs.

Here is our low down,  dirty and in-depth review of the Moto Atrix Deux (2)

Build Quality

The Atrix two has a slightly understated build, the company does not do a good job of marketing their product in India. The back of the Atrix 2 has rubber, the kind that does not attract dust a lot, but has a wonderful texture that allows it to be grippy. The back also kind of prevents your phone from going into a panic shock (only if dropped on the back). The Atrix 2 has a nice shiny bezel that has a chrome undertone – more dark chrome titanium esque – and a wonderful display with Corning Gorilla Glass, that gives it the protection it deserves in the front, making it scratch and impact resistant.


The Display, Camera and Multimedia

Most of these sections are related hence they are all in one sub, The display on the Atrix 2 is a brilliant 4.3 incher with a qHD resolution of 540×960 making it a rich 256 pixels per inch. The only back draw is the level of black is not as intense/deep as we’d like it to be, seemingly also the only thing that is bad with the display of the Atrix 2. The clors are bright and vibrant, brightness levels are excellent.

The Camera is a wonderful snapper, don’t go on comparing it to the super fps of the One X, it captures 264×2448 px images at its max. The camera is fast and has good light capture, it also does full hd video at 1080p. The front camera is a VGA, but should suffice for Skype and Facebook DP images, there is no 3G video calling unfortunately.

Multimedia involves, excellent video playback on the qHD display this is beautifully played thanks to the juice in the processor. The Audio quality is excellent aswell, plug in your headphones to get a great mix of software enhancements. Overall the 3 segments of the Atrix 2 are impressive leaving only did-bits to desire.

Phone, Network and Data

The phone calling capability is robust, with a great earpiece and a receptive mic, there is also noise cancellation to better the overall experience. The network remained solid in our tests with little or no dropped calls, quite good.

Data browsing is fast and 3G connectivity was quite stable in our unstable 3G nation. No flickering between networks meant that we also saved a whole lot of juice and time while trying to access the internet or using connected apps. The online experience on the Atrix 2 is what Android was built for, according to us anyway. Its a pity that we haven’t seen such performance on any other device, the tweaks by Motorola really set the online capability of the Atrix 2 apart.

Moto Mix

Motorola also added a ton of features, including 10 free games from EA and a lot of connected apps that have now started to work in India (most of them anyway). In our opinion with a few limitations, the Moto Blur experience only stands behind the likes of TouchWiz and TimeScape.


This is our most loved aspect of the Atrix 2, we don’t know what Motorola has done, But seriously, companies should replicate it, license it, steal it or whatever it takes to get the battery performance from their Android devices. The Atrix 2 went on and on, with no special settings changes, we did not turn off the data, or location services or any other connected app.

Standby times were phenomenal, with the device staying connected , receiving notifications for upto 5 days. Talk time over 3G was an outstanding 6-7 hours with an hour increase with 2G mode.

Similar was the experience with 3G web browsing, ranging from 6-10 hours. Battery on the Atrix 2 is Moto Wow!


The Atrix 2 is priced right, comes with Android 2.3 , but will definitely get ICS, performance and battery life is phenomenal. Multimedia and gaming is good, with it being an excellent phone with solid networks and a brilliant battery life. Moto also packs in multiple games for the buyer to entice him/her. You can’t go wrong with this, except it does have a slightly washed out black level, limited connectivity to Motorola blur add ons, and well it has less clout value in the market. Hopefully some of those can be fixed with a software update.

Best Price : Rs. 21,500/- USD : 409.


We Rate It: 4.25/5



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