BitTorrent Live Enters Beta, Delivers P2P Broadcasting To All

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BitTorrent Live Enters Beta, Delivers P2P Broadcasting To All

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BitTorrent Inc. seems to be working constantly on new technologies and products. Last year, the company released OneHash, a technology to stream torrents directly in the web browser and BitTorrent Live, a broadcasting solution based on P2P technology. BitTorrent Live back then was available as a closed beta that you had to sign up for to get access to the client. Yesterday, that restriction was lifted so that it is now available as an unrestricted and direct download on the BitTorrent Live website.

BitTorent has opened the BitTorrent Live Beta to everyone, offering users with mobile video or webcams a new way to live broadcast news and stories.

The site is “designed to deliver high quality video to large audiences,” according to its release, though broadcasting costs are refreshingly low—all you need is a laptop and camera. 

“We’ve demonstrated scaling and improved stability during our invite-only period, and are excited to open our service up to anyone who wants it,” said Bram, a spokesperson, in the press release. 

Since November, BitTorrent Live has been working with several digital creators and broadcasters to get its program up and running, and now the network is taking off.

It works how you’d expect torrent-based broadcasting to work. One person (the broadcaster) puts up the initial stream. As additional viewers join in, they become seeds and help distribute the load across the network.

For smaller broadcasters looking for a way to reach a bigger audience without impacting their in-house bandwidth too much, BT Live may be a good alternative to other streaming options. Perhaps not so much for individuals who can live stream with apps like uStream and YouTube, but certainly for indie broadcasters that might otherwise have considered using something like Brightcove’s cloud service.

[Via Ghacks, The Verge]

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