Top Alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S4

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Top Alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S4

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Now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched in India for Rs. 41,500, most will want to know what it is pegged up against. While many have already made up their mind there are always a few who would want to know what options are out there.

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  1. HTC ONE (Rs. 42,990)
    If the plastic body of the S4 is bothering your style, and you are not looking to join the heard of the Galaxy Phones, The HTC One with its Unibody Metal design and insanely crisp 4.7inch 1080p screen is the best alternative to the Magical Galaxy. The HTC One has an impressive camera and blazing fast CPU up its arsenal. Unfortunately does not have an interchangeable battery or a SD card expansion.

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  2. iPhone 5 (Rs 43,500)
    Like it love it or hate it, the iPhone 5 is the preferred choice of many wanting to try this ecosystem built by Apple. More than the hardware, The iPhone depends on the software and the apps eco system and if this is something that excites you, then the iPhone is your choice. Unibody Chassis, 4inch Retina display and one of the best Mobile phone cameras make this an easy target for most buyers. Plus its smaller and easier to hold or pocket.


  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Rs 36500)
    The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still a wonder phone and will satisfy a lot of your devilish sins. The Note 2 also has the S Pen which makes productivity easy on a smartphone. There’s the giant 5.5in screen, which pushes it into the contentious grey zone halfway between phone and tablet enabling the market for the so called “phablet”. 

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  4. LG Optimus G (Rs. 32990)
    Comes with a 13 MP camera and a display that would put any full HD smartphone to shame. The LG Optimus G is fast, efficient and light, looks good and a great alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S4, Until the Optimus G Pro is released anyway. 


  5. Nokia Lumia 920 - 2Lumia 920 (Rs. 35999)
    The Nokia Lumia 920 is arguably the best Windows Phone device out there, the best built and the most feature full. It also gives the user a break from all the Android madness that is running around. An excellent photosensitive camera, brilliantly clear display and tank like construction, along with almost Rs. 7000 saved make it a considerable option. 

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  6. Samsung Galaxy S3 (Rs. 28500)
    The S4 looks exactly like the S3 to you? then why not just buy the S3? The Galaxy S3 is the most selling Smartphone for Samsung since their Galaxies began to circle the mobile universe. It may be last years king, but its still a great Android device, the most rooted and has possible the maximum number of custom Roms available for it including many that offer over clocking. Great design and a good display are just a few of the things that make this phone desirable. Recent price drops have made it more attractive.

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  7. Sony Xperia Z ( Rs 38000)
    Guess what this phone has everything plus water resistivity and dust protection. Its like a magical android wonder beast, I also personally like the design, even though it has some aesthetic flaws in being square. The camera is great and so is the design and look, the hardware is top notch and the price is just right. For the typical Indian the phone is also made by a “JAPANESE” company, even though it is still made in China. 


  8. Blackberry Z10 ( Rs. 42900)
    I would personally not recommend this to you , unless you are a blackberry loyalist, but, the device is still an alternative. Lack of the right hardware, Apps and atrociously high pricing are one of the reasons this Blackberry has failed in India. It still has BBM though!


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