Facebook Reports First Quarter Results, Reveals 751 Million Monthly Active Mobile Users

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Facebook Reports First Quarter Results, Reveals 751 Million Monthly Active Mobile Users

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Facebook issued its first quarter results for the new year and made some pronouncements on the state of the mobile web and mobile advertising in general.

The company, which went public in 2012, now has 751 million monthly mobile users, up 54% from the same period last year. Considering that number comprises 68% of the company’s 1.11 billion total monthly active users, that is an astounding number.


In a recent study conducted by Facebook, it found that 70 percent of all respondents use Facebook on their phone — 61 percent of which use the service every day. The company also found out that out of all the things that could be done on a smartphone, being on Facebook was the third most popular activity. 70 percent said that the Facebook app has become one of the most commonly used applications — right below checking email (78 percent) and Web browsing (73 percent).

More impressive is the rate of growth: that 54% uptick in mobile users is much higher than the 23% increase in total active monthly users.

So while it’s not safe to say that Facebook’s growth has completely stopped, it only grew some 4.75% since last quarter, while mobile users were up nearly 11% in the same period. Advertising revenues have also seen a slight bump from mobile users; 30% of Facebook’s advertising revenue now comes from mobile devices, up from 14% in Q3 and 23% in Q4.

Facebook’s mobile apps are among the most popular on its respective platforms, and with an increasing number of “sponsored posts” littering users’ news feeds, it’s only a matter of time before that 30% number increases to over 50%.

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