Android 4.3 Allows You To Tinker With App Permissions

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Android 4.3 Allows You To Tinker With App Permissions

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Google Android 4.3 may be a minor update to Google’s mobile operating system, but it has some nice features including performance tweaks, Bluetooth improvements, support for limiting a user’s access to some apps or content on multi-user devices, and much more.

It also has a hidden feature. It’s called “App Ops” and it lets you selectively disable some permissions for your apps. Is some misbehaving app constantly pinging your location and draining your battery in a few hours? You can fix that now.

android 4.3

Once there, the user will see that all of their apps and permissions are broken down into four easily distinguishable categories: Personal, Location, Messaging, and Device. Simply choose an app, tape the on/off button, and voilà! The user’s app is still completely functional without annoyingly draining your device.

Another notable feature in Android 4.3 is improved Photo Spheres. Evan Rapoport, a Google Maps Product Manager, recently revealed on Google+ that the latest version of Jelly Bean offers better alignment and stitching while taking photos with Photo Sphere. The app also offers improved exposure compensation that’ll lead to fewer gray areas and inconsistent coloring in photos.

Other highlights of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean include multi-user restricted profiles which limits access to specified content, a sound for aspect of sale systems and kiosks, for example. Security is in play here as it works for parental controls too. Bluetooth Low-Energy support will easily pair Android 4.3 with a fitness sensor for the workout-aholics out there.


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