HTC BoomBass : A Bluetooth Subwoofer With NFC

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HTC BoomBass : A Bluetooth Subwoofer With NFC

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With its dual front-facing speakers, the HTC One smartphone already provides some of the best noise you’ll get from a phone. If that’s not quite enough for you then check out the BoomBass. 

The HTC BoomBass is a little device that measures 64mm³ but can supercharge the sound coming from your aluminium-shod phone.

It’s a rubberised unit, with the bottom layer a natty orange/red colour, sitting underneath a grey section. The lower area actually slides out to provide a dock for your HTC One, finally giving a proper area to watch your visualisations and sing along with the lyrics if you’re that way inclined.

It does as its name suggests and only delivers the low bass frequencies to help give a better overall sound when used in conjunction with the aforementioned dual speakers.

It has a built-in battery, so won’t drain your phone’s, and has been designed to slide out so that the phone can be popped on top, making it a sort of mini dock.

Pairing is simple enough, achieved via NFC, and the low frequencies are sent from your phone to the BoomBass using Bluetooth 3.0. 

Supplying a discrete subwoofer and nothing more is a bit interesting, since HTC already has the Beats Pill accessory which works well. Pricing and availability are yet to be revealed.

[toggle title=”Press Release”]Boosting the bass for HTC One
In the HTC One, HTC redefined the smartphone sound experience with HTC BoomSound and has now raised the bar again with the introduction of a new accessory for the HTC One family. HTC BoomBass, a compact, Bluetooth-enabled subwoofer with a dedicated amplifier, provides clearer, more powerful bass when combined with the HTC Onefamily’s BoomSound. The subwoofer enables HTC BoomSound’s speakers to produce enhanced quality of lower range frequencies so, no matter what music you’re playing or video you’re watching, you are guaranteed immense and exceptional sound that can travel with you.[/toggle]

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