Samsung Might Use Palm Scanning In Its Upcoming Smartphones

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Samsung Might Use Palm Scanning In Its Upcoming Smartphones

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A new patent has revealed that Samsung wants to scan a user’s palm to give them password hints in case they forget the password.

Smartphones nowadays have a lot of different layers of security. Samsung phones have a lot of different ways of unlocking them like pin, password, fingerprint sensor, iris scanner and facial recognition. It is clear that Samsung believes that this method is not the most secure since it’s not planning to use palm scanning to unlock the phone. Instead, it will use the method to show hints in the case of the user forgetting the password.

According to the patent, the front camera is used for taking a picture of the palm. This proves that no matter how unique your palm is, it is not the most secure method. But, unlike photos of your face which can bypass facial recognition, someone taking a picture of your palm will be rare.

The patent also suggests that the password hint won’t simply pop up on the screen, instead it will haphazardly scattered across the lines. This is done to add an extra layer of security since a random person glancing at your phone won’t be able to make out the significance of these scattered letters while being simple enough for you to recognise them and recall the password.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Renders

Like a lot of patents, this might just be thrown to the back burners but, considering the technology behind it, Samsung might just introduce it in the next flagship phone. All said and done, Samsung will definitely be focussed on perfecting its 3D facial recognition technology in time for the Galaxy S9 launch in order to compete with the iPhone X and its Face ID.

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