Top 5 Apps to Manage Your Passwords

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Top 5 Apps to Manage Your Passwords

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There’s a slight possibility that in next five years, we will not need pins and passwords to access any of our accounts. Instead, we simply need to look into cameras or speak into the device’s microphone and the work is done.

While we wait for that, we are stuck trying to manage multiple passwords. There’s a way out –  thank god for companies attempting to providing us password managing apps to make our life much easier. This way you only need to remember one complex password  to excess your secure website, credit card information and even documents that you keep inside encrypted data. Here are some of the best password manager available in market that can make your life easier:



If you’re starting from scratch, chances are good you’ve used your browser’s built-in password management feature. LastPass will import those passwords, delete them from the browser, and turn off the browser’s password management. It provides various in-app features like automated form fill-out, allows for import and export, and permits sharing of passwords through the Internet (a better alternative than using plain text email, which is insecure). It also lets you create and keep simple notes, generate complex passwords, and create a USB key using Google Authenticator Support.

Price: Free for desktop, $12/year for mobile

Password Genie


Password Genie extends beyond passwords and PINs, serving as an information management app. It is especially useful for travelers. It can be installed on up to five PCs or Macs and can sync between devices, including Android and (soon) iOS. It automatically saves login credentials and replays as needed. It have option to lock automatically after inactivity and very effectively handles password change and new account signup.Password Ginie can stores a wide variety of personal data and automatically fills web forms. Built in live-chat and remote-control support is also available.

Price: $19.95/year (free 30-day trial)



Dashlane promises instant logins and checkouts. Offering many features that extend beyond password management, Dashlane incorporates social into its product by use of a points system that rewards you for securing passwords or storing online receipts. You can then use the points to unlock premium features, get free iOS apps and more. Dashlane facilitates online shopping through use of easy-to-understand color-coded information, enabling users to complete online transactions by clicking a few tabs. The basic version offers all the features of premium, but with limited support, a limited number of notes, and no mobile help. The premium account also includes all future premium features. Version 1.6 introduced Dashlane Courier, a secure way to transfer confidential data.

Price:$4.99/month or $39.99/year

Security Everywhere


Security Everywhere, made by mSeven Software, is a sync and security architecture that integrates with third-party cloud storage services. Currently, it only integrates with Dropbox, but according to the company’s website, support for iCloud is in development and other cloud systems are under consideration. Security Everywhere uses industry-standard 256-bit Blowfish encryption, 256-bit SHA password hash, file compression and enforcement of minimum sync passwords to keep data safe even if your Dropbox account is compromised. mSecure’s password manager comes with 17 standard templates for Web logins, credit cards, email accounts and frequent flyer numbers. You can also create custom templates with an unlimited number of fields. The app allows you to categorize records into groups and mark favorite records for fast access. The password generator creates stronger passwords that include symbols, upper- and lower-case, alpha-numeric combinations and more.

Price: Desktop: $19.99, Android and iOS: $9.99

Norton’s Identity Safe


Well-known security tool vendor Norton offers Identity Safe. Along with standard features such as support for multiple browsers, iOS and Android support, a form filler and unlimited notes, Identity Safe includes Safe Web, a browser extension that alerts you when a site might not be what it appears to be. Norton Identity Safe is a free download, with no premium upgrade, but you’ll need to link it to a new or existing Norton account.

Price: Free for desktop, iOS and Android



1Password is perhaps one of the most widely used password managing apps. It captures and replays passwords in IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari and can generate strong passwords. It manages many categories of personal information while syncing with multiple devices by storing password database in Dropbox. It has a very effective password rating security. 1Password stores more personal data than most password managers, but only some of that data is available for form filling. It handles password capture and playback well, but differently from browser to browser. It’s works decently well, but you can get the same functionality from popular free tools.

Price$49.99 for desktop, iOS and Android

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