Samsung’s Tough Boy, Galaxy S5 Active Officially Launched

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Samsung’s Tough Boy, Galaxy S5 Active Officially Launched

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Two weeks back we were introduced to Galaxy S5 Active, through a leaked video by TK TechNews. And now Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Active is available today on AT&T. Unlike it’s other counterparts, it is rugged and tough.

The Galaxy S5 Active has the same full-HD AMOLED 5.1-inch screen. Its 16-megapixel camera and fingerprint sensor are also lodged into the rugged smartphone. That said, water-resistance is now part of the original Galaxy S5’s bag of tricks. There’s also the shock-resistant, dust-proof shell and a burlier look. Even if it’s a dreamy rendered view we’re seeing here, the metallic details and finish could well win over Galaxy fans that aren’t pro-plastic.

There’s an extra “convenience key” on the side of the phone that gives you easy access to all the phone’s apps that are related to outdoor activity.


Although the casing looks hardier than that of the Galaxy S5, it’s reasonably slim — a far cry from the bulky “rugged” phones of yesteryears that often looked closer to military hardware than something you’d carry in your pocket. It’ll be offered in “camo green,” “titanium grey,” and “ruby red” colorways.

The critics though are questioning the need for this phone as its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 Active, since the regular Galaxy S5 already offers more protection against the elements than most other devices on the market. Without a whole lot of extra functionality to define it against the water-loving Galaxy S5, the S5 Active’s main appeal could well end up boiling down to its tough-guy exterior.


The phone currently is only available in the USA. you can buy the S5 Active for $200 with a new, two year contract, for $27.50 per month with AT&T Next 18, for $35.75 per month with AT&T Next 12.

AT&T is also knocking $50 off the price of the Samsung Gear Fit if you buy it alongside the Galaxy S 5 Active.

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