5 Vintage Tech Ads That Will Make You ROFL

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5 Vintage Tech Ads That Will Make You ROFL

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We frequently go back to quoting the relatable posts from ‘when we were a 90’s kid’. The times were simple and in the absence of screens we actually went out in the sun to interact with the real 3D world, instead of trying to grab at air while wearing dorky glasses. Remember when we spent countless hours on those 8-bit games with our sibling, screwing with them every time it was their turn? So, if you are a 90’s kid, you would have also grown up as a generation who experienced the big technology evolution.

This train of thought got me thinking about the technology that used to excite us in the past. And what records an era in time better than an advertisement of that period. So I decided to dig up some hilarious vintage tech ads. Watch them, they’ll make you wonder, “where we really so excited about this stuff?”

1. Motorola Flip phone (Vintage Early 90’s)

Motorola was a true pioneer in personal communications. They introduced the world’s first commercial portable cellular phone. Watching this commercial you will wonder how our lives have transformed in past few decades and obviously the funny voice-over tingle your nerves.

2. Ms-Dos 5 Upgrade Promotion (1991)

I’m sure you are going to ROFL-ing when you watch this video. It seems Microsoft spent quite a lot of money back in day, to get people use MS-DOS.

P.S.-  Our pal MC C-Prompt paved the way for generations of goofy white rappers. You know, like Vanilla Ice. And Eminem.

3. The Kids Guide to the Internet (1997)

This is the best vintage video I have ever seen. It is not exactly an ad, but I so wanted you guys to watch it. Video starts with a text asking viewers ‘Adjust the VCR tracking for the clearest picture.’ Okay. But what the hell is VCR tracking?

4. Windows 1.0 (1986)

I didn’t know who this guy is introducing the then ‘New’ Windows 1.0. Trust me when you find out who this man is, it will make this ad even more hilarious. He is the present CEO of Microsoft, Steve Balmer. You have to appreciate the enthusiasm of Mr. Balmer though. Maybe it was this zealousness for the company that got him his present job.

5. IBM PS/2 (1989)

‘In your Business, you have got a mission: to rise up the competition. How are you gonna do it? Well, you have to PS/2 it!’ It’s all fun and games until this song gets stuck in your head for four days. Trust me.

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