Google’s Revolutionary App Translates Sign Language into Speech

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Google’s Revolutionary App Translates Sign Language into Speech

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Google is building an app called Google Gesture which translates sign language into speech. It analyses the muscle activity and position of the hand and forearm using electromyography which then uses the smartphone application and translates it into speech in real time.

Google is working with students of Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, Sweden for the development of this app that will help dumb people to communicate. Google Gesture will be paired with bands worn in forearms that read muscle movement while the user converses using signs. The readings are then sent to the app which analyse these movements and turn it into speech.


For some people, sign language is a must. While others don’t understand sign language, which means a lot of interesting conversations never takes place. How can we at Google help bridge the gap between those who use sign language and those who don’t?


The aim of this project is to fix the problem of communication for people who are unable to speak and depend on gestures to communicate daily. Google has been constantly working with people around the world, creating technology that will help people from all walks of lives.

In the past, Google had developed a software that enables the deaf and hard of hearing to communicate via technology. For example, Android offers an option on its Google Translate App that turns speech into text.

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